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How to Have a Fun-Filled Nature Adventure in California

California is nature’s secret closet. It is a land blessed with a diverse landscape that includes everything from lakes to mountains. It is just as well known for its lush valleys as it is for its rocky mountains. If you are looking for fun-filled nature adventures in California, you will never run out of options.

Plenty of choices, however, can be confusing. To simplify your decision, we have selected five of the most fun-filled ways to enjoy the natural beauty of California.

Hiking Adventures in California

If you want to walk right into the arms of nature, hiking is perhaps the best route. California, blessed with beautiful wonders of nature, has plenty to offer. There are so many hiking trails that it is impossible to choose one in particular. However, if you want to witness the unadulterated beauty of this well-endowed state, head to the Rubicon trail along the shore of Lake Tahoe. It is located at the intersection of two of the most beautiful state parks in the area. The view along this trail is breathtaking.

If you need more scenic variety, the world-famous Half Dome trail in Yosemite National Park is where you should be. It is a difficult trail but the views make it worth all the trouble. Part of Half Dome is the Mist Trail where you get to hike to the top of two famous falls, the Vernal and Nevada Fall.

If you want to keep things easier, drive towards the Fern Canyon, the lush canyon takes you through a small but scenic trail. If you want to take it up a notch, you can hike to the top of Whiskeytown Falls.

Tent Camping Family Fun in California

We have said it before, and we will say it again – if there is one state that can be called campers’ paradise of America, it’s California. It has a never-ending array of camping spots. What’s better is that these camping grounds can offer different experiences. From romantic beach camping for couples to family-friendly camping, and from adventure camping to glamping, California has a camping experience to satisfy your palate. Malibu has the best beaches and hiking trails you’d want to explore.

There are plenty of camping sites that allow you to bask in the beauty of Gaia. One of the top-most recommended camping spots for nature lovers is the Shasta Cascade region. Lakes, mountains, rivers, meadows, it has it all. You can also pitch your tent somewhere in the Redwood National Park. It is one of the best family-friendly spots to camp in California.

Last, if you want to experience the raw and ruthless side of nature, you can camp at the Death Valley National Park. However, it is more appropriate for a group of friends, not family.

Rock Climbing Excursions in California

Rock climbing is the rebellious elder brother of hiking. Though it is not for the faint-hearted, it can take you up-close and personal with nature’s most marvelous experiences to behold. California is not just about the lush green side of nature, it has a rugged side that is awe-inspiring.

One of the most challenging grounds for climbers in California is the Owens River Gorge. It attracts professional rock climbers from all across the world. The basalt rocks are vertical, nothing short of a natural wonder. If you want something slightly less adventurous, Yosemite National Park has plenty to offer. You can also hit the Sequoia National Park where Mount Whitney welcomes adventurers of various level of expertise.

For beginners, the eastern edge of the Sierra National Park has plenty of easier walls to climb. You can also go boulder climbing in the Joshua Tree National Park. The varying levels of bouldering problems introduce a different side of nature adventures.

Hot Springs Experience in California

Adventures shouldn’t always be about strenuous physical activities or living dangerously. When it comes to nature, there is a relaxing and rejuvenating side that we can’t just ignore. Going all the way to literally relax in the arms of nature is an adventure like no other. And there is no better way to do that than soaking in the hot springs, which California has plenty to offer.

In the heart of a dessert, Five Palm Oasis features the most breathtaking natural hot spring in California. The water is crystal clear and the springs are surrounded by palm trees. If you are looking for a place more unadulterated, head towards the Kern River Valley. It takes a short hike to reach this wonderful location where you can soak in its relaxing waters.

The Sespe Hot Springs have relatively deeper pools, suitable for those who would also like to swim for a while. Remember, there are plenty of springs where water isn’t too hot. In fact, there are pools with varying temperature. Makes for a great choice for a group of people with different preferences.

Cave Tours in California

Caves and caverns are nature’s best-kept secrets. And California seems to be a state nature truly trusts with its secrets. There is something mysteriously enthralling about cave adventures. It is like knowing the side of nature that is otherwise hidden from the rest of the world. It is like reaching deep into the heart of the Mother Earth. If that sounds like an encounter you would love to have with nature, pay a visit to the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park to explore one of the world’s most extensive mud cave systems.

A different but equally amazing adventure awaits inside the Bear Gulch Cave in the Pinnacles National Park. It is a great place for wildlife enthusiasts since it houses a colony of big-eared bats. Another unique cave experience in California is inside the Mitchell Caverns. It is a limestone cave that looks like a Hollywood fantasy movie set.

Last but not the least, visit the Moaning Caverns near Vallecito. It is known for a huge cave chamber accessible through a spiral staircase. It offers spectacular views of nature.

That’s about it. The most simplified and refined list to help you plan your excursions around the activities you and your family can fully enjoy together while staying close to nature. Have a wonderful adventure!

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