Have Fun With Giraffes In The Hotel Giraffe Manor

Have you ever thought to have giraffe as a pet? The hotel that we will represent you at least temporarily will capture that feeling.

Giraffe Manor arranges true enjoyment of its guests who come there to learn about wildlife and rare species in Nairobi. Besides getting acquainted with one of the most endangered rare species of giraffes, through organized local excursions guests of Giraffe Manor can meet and feed other wildlife that live in this hot piece of land.

Passengers always accept this hotel as inevitable adventure through East Africa. Giraffe Manor is the name of the hotel resort that offers no conventional tourism experience in the company of wildlife in Nairobi, Kenya. Giraffe Manor is derived with classical architectural composition of brick covered with vertical green gardens, through which is camouflaging in a picturesque forest. In the inner part, behind the classical facade of Africa’s wilderness is hiding an elegant and exclusive interior. The furniture in the Art Deco style reminiscent of the splendor from 1930s. Giraffe Manor was built following the example of the Scottish houses for hunting and offers a combination of traditional and modern. Any renovation is inspired by the original decor of the hotel and bedrooms have huge beds with details of the ancient times.

Giraffe Manor has a fairly long tradition dating back to the 30s of the last century. Even today this hotel has preserved the “magic” of the time and of course, the giraffes are the biggest attraction that this hotel has to offer. Here giraffes are not afraid of people. Around 7 pm when the breakfast starts, windows are open and animals reappear their necks and cheerfully welcome the guests. Guests in Giraffe Manor can receive a basket with food if they want to feed the giraffes.

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