Have you ever stayed in Aescher Hotel in Switzerland?

Aescher Hotel is one of the most spectacular hotels from all over the world. It is situated near Wildkirchli and below the Ebenalp cliff. Ebenalp is the northernmost summit of the Appenzell Alps in Switzerland. Wildkirchli is a system of three caves in the Alpstein massif of Appenzell. Aescher Hotel is one of the most visited hotels in Switzerland. The hotels is open from May to October 31. The hotel has a total capacity of 40 people. Also in this hotel you can enjoy the wonderful Appenzell specialties. There you can enjoy in the wonderful mountain rambling area.

In this article you can see some magnificent pictures from Aescher Hotel that will gonna make you to wish to visit this awesome hotel one day in your lifetime. Also this photos will gonna blow your mind and will gonna make you feel like you are the and enjoy in the beauty of Appenzell Alps.

Image by Rowena Waack via Flickr

Image by Stephan Ohlsen via Flickr

It’s wonderful location, beautiful and calm nature, beautiful landscapes make this hotel one of the most desirable destination in Switzerland. This hotel offers unforgettable moments. Also in this hotel you can organize diferent types of celebration such us: birthdays, club trips, family tours, corporate events, seminars Graduation to experience more, Cave aperos, award ceremonies, presentations etc.

Image by Andreas Fischler via Flickr

If you what to escape from a noise from a big cities and relax in some peaceful place, then we suggest to go to Aescher Hotel in Switzerland. Also there you can enjoy in the awesome landscapes, magnificent nature, clear and fresh air, beautiful mountain etc.

Image by Jürg Stuker via Flickr

Image by HD Zimmermann via Flickr

Image by stefloat via Flickr

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