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Health and Comfort for You and Your Dog

Ladies, we know the benefits of exercise. Do we get enough of it though? Do you have a dog? Curious as to how you and your 4-legged companion can exercise together?

It could be that you are suffering from some form of discomfort. This is common with active women. A look will be given at some of the more common problems and what to do if they flare up. Lastly, we want to take a few moments to discuss your dog’s health, in particular their joints. Aging dogs are susceptible to some of the same difficulties as humans.

Your Exercise Companion

There is nothing wrong with having a jogging partner in your neighbor, or a workout buddy from the office. However, little can compare to the time you and your dog will have exercising together. Even better will be the look on your 4-legged friend’s face when the time has come to go outside.

The options available to you and your canine friend are not limited to walking and jogging. People have found their dogs love to tag along for rollerblading, kayaking, even a game of soccer.

The benefits to this are greater than the exercise. The time spent with your member of the family will strengthen the bond between you two. Be certain that your pet has a place where they can retreat for a while after exercising, as they need to unwind as well.

Active Women and Discomfort

So, you are an exercise lover. Chances are good that you have experienced pain and discomfort along the way. Identifying the root cause of the disturbance, and then taking the proper actions, can help you prevent being sidelined with an injury.

The pain in your foot may not be related to those heels you wear for work. Plantar Fasciitis is rooted in calf tightness, yet the discomfort is often experienced on the heel and through to the front of the foot. Stretching your calf often relieves this discomfort.

Another example is lower back pain. Who of us have not had periods of this? Prevention of injury is paramount when dealing with the back, and there are 2 actions that can be taken. The first is proper stretching not only before your workout but also afterwards. Secondly, strengthening of your core and hips will provide optimal results in relief and prevention.

My Best Friend’s Health

Care must be taken to observe your dog’s physical well-being as you exercise together. Consultation with your veterinarian is wise, especially as your dog ages. Your canine friend has something in common with you, as they age their joints act up.

If the veterinarian determines that you buddy has joint dysfunction, maximum support can be provided with Glyco Flex 3. This product is designed to alleviate the stiffness and discomfort for your dog that is associated with joint dysfunction.

The benefits to exercise are abundant. The time spent with your dog, and the subsequent bond that will grow, are priceless. You will find release from stress and an escape from the daily tribulations of life. With some preventive steps, you can be assured of years of memories with your canine friend.

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