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Helpful Tips to Plan a Destination Wedding during Covid-19

As the pandemic brings most of the region around the globe under lockdown, social isolation has become the only hope left to fight the rapid outbreak of COVID-19. But, what happens to the couples who have planned their wedding this year? In ordinary conditions, putting over an entire wedding becomes very difficult anyway. Having all those planning cancelled and a hefty amount of money lost is certain to set the couples on the edge. Since many couples are currently grappling with this uncertain scenario, here are some essential tips on how as a couple, you can navigate this pandemic situation in the upcoming months.

COVID-19 Outbreak: How to settle the wedding event in this difficult time

The rapid surge in the number of COVID-19 cases has resulted in rerouting, rescheduling, and cancellations of various couples. If you are one among them, then the following are some tips that may help you to deal with this unusually difficult time:

Postpone don’t cancel

Considering the pandemic scenario, the fashion designers, wedding planners, or even travel specialists are suggesting postponing the event and not cancelling it as it may dampen the spirit of the occasion. However, if the date is not yet fixed, and you are the soon-to-wed couple, then you should begin approaching the preferred wedding venues.

If you have already selected a venue, don’t wait to hear from them and immediately make the first move. The perks of having the wedding during the pandemic are that you can avail the banquets at a much reasonable price. They would provide amicable solutions and custom wedding signs according to your preferences.

End of the year would be most feasible

As no one has the idea when ultimately the pandemic would stop spreading, it would be difficult for you to choose the most appropriate time for your wedding. However, a date at any of the last three or four months of this year can be a relatively safe choice as of today. Therefore, as a couple, if you are thinking of getting knotted but haven’t completely decided the dates, then you should book the wedding venue towards the end of 2020.

Communicate with the chosen vendor

Communication is a major aspect of weddings during the pandemic. Therefore, as a couple, you two should directly communicate to every vendor who is associated with your wedding ceremony. You can even talk with all of them together to easily reach a feasible solution and effectively work as a team to undergo the necessary changes.

There’s the possibility that the vendors can push the ceremony to another date according to the convenience of both parties. Also, they would communicate to their local partners, the venues, and others in time, so that you don’t have to lose a hefty amount of money in case of postponing or even cancellation. If you think that your chosen vendors are not only focused on satisfying their business-related profits, then talk to them immediately, and they might support you to pass this difficult time in a better way.

Consider the guest’s preferences

Currently, international travel is restricted in various countries. Hence, if your wedding is booked in Europe or in any foreign country within the next couple of months, then you have two main choices: moving the destination completely or postponing the event. You need to consider where the majority of your guests are.

Also, you would have to consider whether or not it makes sense to postpone the wedding to an improved time to keep the destination because that place may hold some value to you and your partner. However, there are various destinations that are very understanding about this problematic scenario and are grappling with this situation. Hence, you can think of connecting with them on a future date.

Even during normalcy, take the necessary precautions

Once everything comes back to normalcy, you ensure to continue maintaining the mandatory measures to make sure the health and wellbeing of you, your partner, and your guests. If you have the wedding planned in the upcoming months, maintain the safety measures would help you save future expenses. Also, you should look at more intimate and smaller ceremonies with a limited number of guests.

Moreover, the best choice would be the local offerings and local venues to avoid the necessity to travel. Moreover, make sure that your family would avoid the traditions of inviting the guests personally by visiting them at their homes. Instead, you can use the digital mode for the invitation as it is a safer alternative. Also, as a couple, you should pay much attention to sanitizing the spaces properly where your wedding ceremony would actually take place.

If the events cover your home, any place of worship, or the wedding venue, then you should get all these places properly sanitized. Moreover, the sanitization should also include other areas such as food counters, washrooms, bars, etc. In addition, make sure of placing an ample amount of sanitizers, napkins, and hand washes across your wedding venue.

Weddings are not the only occasion that has been affected by the worldwide health pandemic. But, a wedding is surely a lifestyle milestone, and you may still desire a wedding that you have planned for long and simply feel sad about not being able to fulfill the desires. However, by following the tips mentioned above you and your partner would surely find an alternative way that would be more secure for your health and would offer the same special feelings.

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