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Hidden Florida Travel Gems Few People Know About

Florida is an incredibly popular travel destination for people from all around the world. Most travel because of the numerous beach and water activities offered but there is so much more that Florida has to offer. With such a popular destination, it is quite obvious there are numerous hidden gems that are not on the radars of the travel agents. The next time you book some transportation through Florida Shuttle Now or similar, consider the following destinations as some wonderful options that are surely going to be loved.

Fort De Soto Park

You find this in Pinellas County. The park is made out of 5 keys that are connected by causeways or bridges. As a visitor you can easily explore some pretty beautiful beaches, fishing piers, shallows and what is left of the monumental Fort De Soto.

Coral Castle

In Homestead, FL, you can find the Latvian based Coral Castle. It was actually built by hand as devotion based tribute to someone loved. The man that built this castle lived there, right in the middle of the stone that he sourced. Public tours were offered until the day he died. You may think that he is a romantic or crazy. No matter the case, the location is one that you may want to visit.

Stetson Mansion

This mansion covers, 10,000 square feet. It is three stories high and can be found in DeLand. It is a remnant of the not so covered Gilded Age, featuring many stunning architectural styles. According to official claims, this is the very first luxury home in Florida. Although this may or may not be the case, it is still so impressive.

Koreshan State Historic Site

During the late 1800s we saw Koreshan Unity founded by Cyrus Reed Teed in Estero. It was promoted as being New Jerusalem, all focused on a personal believe that humanity lived inside Earth’s shell, since Earth is hollow. During the sixties the community did end and the followers that were the last donated this building in order to create the Koreshan State Historic Site park. As a tourist you can so easily see wildlife viewing, camping, canoeing and tours.

Flagler College

You surely did not expect to see a college on the list but this St. Augustine college was in the past a beautiful hotel, Hotel Ponce de Leon. The campus building here is among the most beautiful in the entire world. There are almost 80 Tiffany stained glass windows and you can see so many hand-painted murals and ceilings. A great thing to see is a 68 feet corned ceiling featuring ornate carvings and even the chandeliers are an attraction in themselves. However, remember that this is still a college. You will need to be sure you do so at the right time.

Highlands Hammock State Park

You find Highlands Hammock close to Sebring. This is one of the oldest Florida parks. It offers some beautiful oak trees and old hammock trees. The wildlife is definitely interesting and you can view many great animals from a historic catwalk.

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