Hitsujiyama Park – Pink Part Of The World

For a moment forget the blue and white shades of summer and let me take you through the colorful life in our wonderful planet. If you are dreaming of pink world, there are places that do not need to put colored glasses. Our planet hides incredible beauty that many people have never heard of. We are talking about true miracles of nature. One such place is Hitsujiyama Park in Chichibu, Japan.

Japan is known for cherry trees, but also has a very beautiful plant – officially called shibazakura, but known as pink moss. The Hitsujiyama Park is crowded with visitors who want to see the fields with this plant that grows in various shades of pink. This flower grows very near to the ground in beautiful shades of magenta, pink and white. The season of this flower begins from late April to mid-May. More precisely it flourishes after blooming of cherries and peaches in Japan. To enjoy this natural floral beauty, it is very good to attend the Festivals of shibazakura.

The second way to get a deep breath of life is to visit the parks designed with this flower in order to see different patterns made by stacking the flowers according to color. In the period from April to May, more than 400,000 plants of shibazakura are blooming that allow visitors to Hitsujiyama Park to see the extraordinary carpet of pink, purple and white colors.

Because Hitsujiyama Park is considered as the best place where you can see these colorful flowers, the season of blooming has a large crowd of visitors, even during weekdays. Hitsujiyama Park looks like a postcard from a place that exists only in fairy tales. So, if you have the opportunity, we recommend you to visit this enchanting place, because it is truly fascinating. Hitsujiyama Park definitely is the place where you can enjoy the beauty of the wonderful nature.

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