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Home Wall Decor Ideas Inspired from Florida Art Galleries

If your house is, for the most part, full of bare and open walls just waiting to be pervaded with unique decorations, wall hangings, and artworks, then the time to refurbish your space is now. It’s never too early to invest and spend in a major piece of fine art. Unlike any other decorations in an area such as rugs, wallpaper, and furniture, art is, without a doubt, forever.

Thus, it is crucial to get only what attracts and interests you instead of purchasing a piece because it suits a space in your home. With a few art additions, any space can feel more stylish and comfortable than ever.

Take advantage of the open wall spaces in your home and decorate it with unique accents. By doing so, you can create a bigger and more significant impact on your home, especially if you have a small home. For a little help, here are some wall decor ideas that you can do to customize the walls in your home.

Large-scale Paintings

Mount a painting on an open-space, a bare wall in your living area to give the room a striking and impressive visual element. The larger the piece, the more intense and extreme the statement. For example, you can hang a large-scale painting on a narrow-gauged wall near a doorway.

And further on the hall mounts yet another framed art, giving contrast and depth in the living room. Although anyone can mount a lightweight art, a large-scale painting should be handled and dealt with a professional.

Gallery Wall

If you are not okay with a cluster or a collection of artwork on a single wall but like the notion of mounting numerous works, then create a cohesive gallery by mounting framed art in flawless alignment. A contemporary way to create a gallery wall is to use or utilize the same size frame and put them one right under or next to each other, establishing the ultimate symmetrical appearance. Ensure to take the accurate measurements so that there’s equal space between frames.


Another fun way to take a creative and artistic approach to decorate an open-space wall is through wallpapers, specifically textured wallpapers. Go forward and impudent with an ornamental patterned wallpaper layered with a framed painting. It is an excellent choice, but a striking print works well in an eclectic space. Play with materials, patterns, and colors to establish wall decorations that are interesting and grabs the attention of the house visitors.

Cornered Art

Hang photographs, prints, and paintings on two bisecting walls to create a tasteful and impactful look. Go valiant with two entirely different works of art or form a cohesive and united look by mounting work by the same color scheme, medium, or artist. Even though the wall decorations in the room differ in medium, the black accents and similar framework connect and unite the space.

Iridescent Mirrors

Use unique objects like iridescent mirrors. It is bright and colorful and establishes depth in the room. However, it feels cohesive because of the wooden rim of the mirror and the wood accents and furniture throughout the space. Moreover, a conventional mirror is also a great way to invite light and reflect light into the area. And it can make any small room feel more extensive.

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You can mount two artworks in a line or side by side with each other to form a diptych. Take precise and accurate measurements as you would with an art gallery wall, as you can see in any Florida Art gallery.

A common mistake or mishap to make when handling art is misplacement. So, steer clear from this mistake by taking into account the flow of the other room, the wall, and the size of the art.

Statement Paintings

The most apparent option for the living room wall decoration is, for the most part, a one statement painting that is hung or mounted carefully above the couch. It is a classic and timeless look that can be, more often than not, easily customized according to your preferences and tastes.

However, there is one thing to remember when choosing a piece of art, and it is the flow between the ceiling, walls, and floor. You need to make sure that there is a feeling of balance and fluidity as it is important.


Get inspired with these stylish wall decoration ideas to bring your bare walls to life. Integrate pops of color, mount abstract art, and many more. The above ideas will surely suit whatever style or preference you like. When it comes to decorating your open-space wall, there are plenty of options that you can select from. The ideas above are just a few of them because there are still a lot of choices out there.

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