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Hosting a Barbecue? How to Get Your Backyard Ready to Go

When planning a backyard barbecue, you’re likely to be concerned with the meal prep process alone. The patio is the most overlooked place when it comes to hosting gatherings outdoors. You don’t consider the unsightly stains on the floor or the splinters or discolored tiles. The patio needs to be repaired and renovated before you invite any company.

Pressure Wash the Surface

Move aside all of the furniture first. There are many people who think they can spray underneath the furniture and still remove all of the patio stains. Clear away the entire patio first and then apply pressure washing. Apply a cleaning chemical to remove hard stains, and double-check the area. Doing so will help you make your outdoor living space look brand new.

Deccon Concrete Restoration, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Reseal the Surface

Most patios have sealants that have completely worn off after many years. When preparing for a friendly get-together, consider the amount of wear and tear that your patio floor will undergo. Apply a new sealant, and plan to apply a new one every few years.

Patio owners have a large variety of flooring designs to choose from. People who own concrete floors may want to re-stamp the surface. Concrete stamping involves applying a textured design to concrete that resembles another material like tile, brick, or wood.

Resealing the patio is a good time to consider installing a brand-new floor material. Wood is the most popular but not the best and only type of material to have. Brick, tile, and stone floors are also available.

Repair the Patio

Work on DIY repairs like removing splinters, replacing pavers, or removing debris between the joints. A portable patio deck kit contains the interlocking floor tiles and other tools that you need to install an entire deck. This kit is also useful when you need to replace missing or severely damaged tiles but don’t want to pay for an expensive professional replacement.

Wash and Spot Clean the Furniture

Use the same pressure washer on the furniture. Apply a gentler setting to avoid damaging the materials. Then, spot clean the furniture with a rag and cleaning chemicals to remove tough stains. In some cases, using vinegar or baking soda is enough to remove years of accumulated stains on furniture upholstery.

Due to the infrequent use of the patio, people often overlook its maintenance needs. Before you host a backyard barbecue, make sure that your patio surface is thoroughly cleaned, safe, and comfortable to stand and walk on. Continue your cleaning regimen at least once a year, and do as much maintenance work on your own while also considering professional patio services.

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