Hosting a Large Family Reunion? 4 Arrangements You Can Make to Help It Run Smoothly

It probably has been a while since you’ve seen all of your family members. Because of this, you may be considering having a large family reunion in the near future. However, depending on how big the reunion is and how many people you expect to be there, this may not be something that you can or should take on all by yourself. There are all sorts of things that go into planning this type of event, but there are some arrangements that you can make to help it run smoothly.

Use Caterers

The food will be one of the things that everyone remembers about the reunion. Trying to prepare it all yourself means you probably won’t have enough time to put everything together. More importantly, if you’re stuck cooking for dozens of people, you definitely won’t have the time to relax and spend time with your family members, which is the whole point of the reunion in the first place. To fix this, a caterer can be very helpful. You can choose what you’d like them to make, and they will prepare and set up all of the food throughout the reunion.

Get a Bus Charter

If your relatives are all flying in from out of state and don’t want to rent cars or if there will be limited parking, you should consider getting a bus charter. This type of charter will pick everyone up and will bring them to and from the reunion. You won’t have to worry about making sure everyone has a ride to get around town or deal with trying to find a place for everyone to park. Additionally, if you’re planning any outings for the whole family, this can be a great way to get everyone there and back easily and on time.

Hire a Party Planner

Planning a large family reunion takes a lot of work. If you’ve never planned this type of event before, you might not even know where to start. A party planner can be extremely beneficial. They will help take care of everything from sending out invitations to helping with decorations.

Rent a Large Venue

Unless you have a huge house that you’re planning to host the event at, you will probably need to rent a large venue. This will allow you to have enough space for everyone even if a lot of people are expected to show up. Many venues also will provide you with things like tables and chairs for a small fee, so you won’t have to worry about finding these items as well. If your reunion is taking place over several days, a hotel is a great venue to reserve as it will give your family members rooms for sleeping as well as meeting areas for the whole family all in one central location.

If you plan on hosting a large family reunion in the near future, there are some things that you can do in order to make it run smoothly. Just make sure that you don’t try to do everything yourself, and hire help when needed. This will allow you and your family to have a great time, and it will be an event that everyone remembers fondly for years to come.

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