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Hot Air Ballooning in Australia – 6 Tips for Beginners

Top views are always scenic, exciting, and magnificent. It is full of beautiful landscapes, lush green fields, orange and green pastures, and picturesque valleys. Travellers visiting the Aussieland should experience the top view of Australia at least once. The magnificent landscapes and beauty of nature can calm or satisfy your soul. You can enjoy all the thrills through hot air ballooning. Ensure to contact the best ballooning companies in Melbourne.

You will be amazed to see the lush greenery, desert rock formations and clear shapes of the lake. However, beginners need some guidance and tips before their air ride in a hot air balloon. Follow these six tips to make your hot air balloon ride more enjoyable, enthusiastic, and safe.

When to book your ride?

You should always book your ride in advance if planned for weekend rides. The hot air balloon rides are booked away quickly. It is best to book it at least for the weekend in advance. The best season year-round is Autumn or spring season as the weather is stable and more predictable. You can see vineyards, wildflowers and stunning scenery of nature with a sunrise horizon from hot air ballooning in Australia.

Sometimes, there are chances to get profitable deals on booking online rides in advance. You might get some offers, discounts and special packages. It will be a cost-effective deal for friends or family members.

Keep patience

The rides were confirmed only in safe weather conditions. If the weather is not in your favour, you can rebook your hot air balloon rides. Most probably the rides are rescheduled for the next day for pre-booked passengers. You should keep patience in sudden climatic changes.

Consider your clothing or dress up

When you step out of the house, clothing is the first thing you should consider. There are clothes suitable for every particular occasion, event or activity. You should not wear showy or floral dresses. Casual clothes and smart dress-up will be the most suitable attire for a hot air balloon ride.

Wear full sleeves or a comfortable dress to avoid getting burner heat directly onto your skin. You will experience standing near the campfire. Standing on the balloon basket with heels will be uncomfortable, try wearing flats, shoes or runners. Select the most comfortable dress from your wardrobe for a hot air balloon ride.

Take your camera for stunning snaps

Living in the moment is indeed more important than snaps and clicks. But clicks and snaps will help you to dive into the moment again in future. There should be some memorable pictures that help you to remember the spectacular views. Keep your camera secured from falling, you can hang it on your neck or at your wrist. You will also have your phone to take perfect shots of the morning. Ensure to hold it tight or tucked safely between your fingers.

You can capture the lush green fields, water ponds or lakes with a countryside view of Australia. Photographers have an opportunity to get amazing snaps that get featured on social media platforms.

Carry your hat

No doubt that hats can provide a complete look to your attire, but they also protect you from the burner’s heated air of a hot air balloon. You can also enjoy the natural view without tanning your skin. Hats can protect your face and neck (if wide-brimmed), so do not forget to take your hats with you for hot air balloon rides. The sun’s rays will not fall directly over your face. You will be able to view the bright picturesque scenery more clearly.

Be ready for your smooth flight

A hot air balloon ride is the smoothest flight you will ever experience. You don’t have to fear safety and security. Some experienced pilots will guide you throughout the journey. It is excellent to get the best hot air balloon deals in Melbourne. Book the best-branded balloon for a top-class experience at affordable prices. The hot air balloon will slowly take you to the heights and you can enjoy the view at a safer distance from the basket boundary.


Beginners should be focused and disciplined during their first rides. They should listen to the pilots and their guidance to maintain balance in the basket at heights. Chances of accidents are more when you did not maintain discipline in the hot air balloon rides. You are responsible for your things during hot air balloon rides in Perth. Take special care of your selfie stick, camera, phone and other belongings. You will be unable to find them upon landing.

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