How Long Does It Take to Pack a Three Bedroom House?

While the end result of moving is worth the effort involved, the actual act of moving often isn’t much fun. Trying to pack your entire life into boxes can be an overwhelming task for any individual. If you’re getting ready to take on this challenge, it’s helpful to know just what you’re getting yourself into. To help you adequately prepare, here are a few insights into how long it takes to pack a house.

Long or Short

There are essentially two ways to pack your belongings for a move. You can choose to take several weeks to complete the process, packing a little at a time, or you can choose to try and pack everything all at once right before moving day. If you choose the latter option, you can expect to spend a solid three to five days sorting, packing, and labeling your belongings. Of course, the volume of items that you have in your home could increase or decrease this timeframe.

Figure Out What Stays

One way to shorten the amount of time it takes to pack your belongings is to leave some of your belongings behind. Pulling out items to donate, sell, or throw away will leave you with fewer items that you have to protect during your move. The important thing is to not take too long when making your decisions so that you don’t waste a lot of packing time in the sorting phase.

A Helping Hand

The best way to shorten the time it takes to pack your home is to hire a moving company to help with the task. Having a moving company like Asheville Moving Company to help makes the job faster both because there are extra sets of hands and because the movers know exactly what they’re doing. You can engage the movers in all or part of the moving process from beginning to end. Hiring movers help you to save your energy so that you’re ready to go when you arrive at your destination.

Pack for the Destination

When packing your belongings, make sure to pack for your destination. Try to carefully label each box so that you don’t waste a lot of time at your new home sorting through the boxes. Another consideration is to try and use smaller boxes for items located in rooms on upper floors so that it’s easier to go up the stairs with the boxes.

Don’t Look Back

When packing, it’s important to keep moving forward. If you think you may have put an item in an incorrect box, just keep going and know that you’ll have time on the other end to find what you’re looking for. Although it can be exhausting, arriving at the end of the process will be worth the effort.

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