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How Many Boxes Do You Need When Packing a Kitchen?

Packing up a kitchen is an activity that most people participate in at some point in their lives. Whether you’re helping a friend move to a new place or you’ve recently purchased your own dream house, knowing how many boxes you need is certainly useful. Of course, the right amount is going to vary based on a variety of factors.

Size of the Kitchen and Appliances

One of the most important elements in determining how many boxes to procure is the size of the kitchen. Simply put, you’ll likely need fewer boxes for a smaller kitchen than you will for a spacious kitchen. Don’t forget to factor in items in storage. For example, if you have a tiny kitchen, you might keep a number of smaller appliances in the basement or in a closet. You’ll need boxes for those items as well. Also, get some measurements of your larger appliances, such as that big mixer, before you start bringing home boxes.

Number of Items

Even if you have a large kitchen, you might be more inclined to order takeout every night or go to the local eateries in the area. In other words, having a larger kitchen does not necessarily mean that you love to cook. As thus, you might not have a ton of items that need to get packed. While you’ll ultimately need to determine how many boxes to procure for your packing endeavors, you can get some guidance from an Asheville Moving Company based on how many tools and appliances you have in the kitchen.

What You’re Taking

Regardless of how big or small your kitchen is, you might not be taking everything with you. Perhaps the new buyers loved a particular appliance and wanted to know if you would include it in the sale. Another possibility is that you’re planning to have a yard sale or to donate some of the items to charity. Before you start getting boxes for the move, determine what it is that you’re actually taking to the next house.

Previous Moves

If you think back to when you moved into your current home, you might be able to remember how many boxes you used. Consider what you have gained and lost since that time so that you can make an estimate as to how many boxes you need now. Also, it would be a smart idea to write down the number of boxes that you use this time around. Then, if you move again, you can have a better idea of how many boxes to get.

Packing up your kitchen is a task that involves a number of steps. One part of the process involves determining how many packing boxes to procure.

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