How to spend a Luxury Family Weekend in London

A family holiday doesn’t always sound like the most luxurious experience, with comfort having to take second or third place to cost and the need for fun. However, it is possible to combine all three with a holiday that doesn’t cost the world and offers a lot of fun whilst maintaining that edge of luxury that you might think only exists on holidays without the kids. And you can find it all while staying in a city hotel in London.

So, here’s how to spend a luxury family weekend in London:

Where to stay

There are lots of areas of London you could stay in to feel like you’re living your best lives for a weekend, with the obvious likes of Mayfair and Kensington, but for real luxury, you need to go where the money is made. The City of London is that place and is an ideal location for a family weekend holiday because it’s so near to the main attractions with so many easy transport links, as you’d expect from the business hub of the entire country. With suites available at luxury hotels for families you may not even want to leave the hotel, though that would be a shame with so much to do.

What to do

If you want luxurious activities, booking a Buckingham Palace tour is a good way to start, as you’ll get to see how the poshest people in the country live – or at least what they’re willing to show you on a tour of the Queen’s State Rooms. There’s also Kensington Palace, the official residence of William and Kate, which should interest the younger members of your family, especially if you point out the spot where Harry and Meghan announced their engagement.

Afternoon tea is a luxurious pastime for sure, and London has many places your family will enjoy having it, not least at The Shard, where they can enjoy the incredible views and the quirky Mary Poppins theme while you enjoy the decadence. Other potential activities for the family include boating on the Serpentine in Hyde Park or – if they’re old enough for this to seem like a treat – heading to the luxury shops on Savile Row or the King’s Road.

In the evening, a trip to a West End musical can be a treat for the whole family, before heading back to the luxurious hotel to relax and enjoy the memories of a weekend none of you will forget in a hurry.

Where to eat

One area where a family holiday can sometimes get in the way of luxury is when it comes to the dining options. Children prefer McDonald’s to haute cuisine, that’s just a fact of life, but London has so many luxurious restaurants with such varied menus that you can almost certainly find somewhere that they will enjoy eating. The wacky culinary antics of Heston Blumenthal might be a draw, while you could also tempt them to eat at Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant with a vague suggestion that they might see him – or another celebrity.

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