How to Be Photogenic: 10 Tricks to Look Great in All Your Pictures

How many times have you looked in the mirror and been happy with what you see, then you took a selfie and you were not happy with your appearance? This often happens to many. Some people are not photogenic and others don’t like to be photographed. Sometimes you should make memories with your friends and family. If you are someone who does not like to be photographed, we are not saying that you will love it, but with these 10 tricks, you will look better in your pictures.

1. Practice

To know how to behave in front of the camera, you should practice in front of a mirror. It may seem ridiculous at first, but it’s something that can help you in this case. Look at yourself from different angles and in different poses. Laugh, with your mouth closed or open, it’s up to you. Choose your favorite facial expression, pose and smile and try to do so when you take a picture.

2. Find good lighting

Lighting is an essential element of any photo. The sun can cast a shadow on your body or face, so you should position yourself so that you are in the sun’s rays so that there is no reflection. When taking pictures indoors, you should also pay attention to the lamps and light in the room. A natural light source is still the best for your skin and it can make your photo session a success.

3. Wear comfortable and beautiful clothes

You know what you feel best about. Some things you like to wear because they go with your body structure or because you are comfortable, it is up to you to choose. When you feel good about what you are wearing, you will have self-confidence and you will look much better in pictures.

4. Makeup

When you put on nice and moderate make-up, you will surely have a beautiful photo. It is best to use makeup that you are used to and that suits your skin type. Sometimes using flash can make a photo look completely different and make your face look pale. You should never forget your eyebrows so that you don’t fill them every time, a good way to always get them in order is to get an eyebrow tattoo. Your eyebrows will always be trimmed and you will always be ready to take photos.

5. Use the apps on your phone

Today, there are many applications and photoshoots with which you can beautify your photos. What you can do is fix the lighting in the photo, cut it, or something like that. With small fixes, you can make a big difference between a regular photo and a good photo.

6. Set your hands

Make sure you have an object in your hand, like a glass of drink, to look natural. Because sometimes when you don’t know what to do with your hands, you can look stiff and the picture will definitely not turn out well because you are not comfortable. When taking pictures in group photos, stand next to someone so that it looks natural, you can also hug the person next to you.

7. Behave naturally

When you don’t feel like getting photographed, sometimes you’ll be able to avoid it, sometimes you won’t. But try to be natural and not be forced to do so. Don’t even force yourself to laugh, a fake smile is noticed. Relax the muscles in your body and face and think about the things that make you happy.

8. Open your eyes

You will notice that when you close your eyes, no matter how good everything is left in the photo, that is not a good photo. You should concentrate and focus on the camera. Also, with the help of mascara, it is not bad to highlight your eyes. Open your eyes wide, smile at the camera and you will surely like yourself!

9. Take care of the background

When you feel like you want to take a selfie and behind you is a mess in the room? This is not desirable at all. Pay attention to the background, whether you are in nature or in the mall. Find a solid wall in the room near the window, so you will always have a clean background, the lighting is nice and the chances of taking beautiful photos are automatically higher.

10. Adjust the hair

Every girl treats her hair in a certain way, but we will agree that women are the ones who always have to complain about their hair and run their hand over it every now and then. You should not overdo the hairstyle, do not put too many products on your hair. It is enough to straighten your hair so that you give it only a little volume, you can do that by moving your hair with your hands.

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