If you want to go on a wine tour, the world truly is your oyster. There are fantastic vineyards in California, France, Australia, South America and more. As such, when you book you Globus Tour package at Pavlus.com, you may choose to book on a vacation to any of these countries and turn it into a wine tour yourself. What matters, however, is that you plan your tour properly, so you can get the most enjoyment out of it.

What to Expect from Wine Tour Packages

If you do book a specific wine tour package, you will have to decide which tours you want to go on, at what time and how you want to get there. Sometimes, it will be possible for you to be picked up from your hotel and to be taken to the winery from there. In most cases, once you arrive at the winery, you will be presented with mineral water and other refreshments, as well as some other snacks. It could be interesting to book on a wine tour with multiple people, because if you are in a larger group, you should be able to get more luxurious buses and you may just get more offers at the winery yourself. Some wineries will charge you a tasting fee, so you may want to look into what is being offered before you decide to go. Remember that many wineries are near historical and cultural sites that you can visit at the same time.

How to Choose a Great Wine Tour Package

Special Packages

There are also full winery vacations. In these cases, you will be taken to a hotel, from where you will then travel to the winery through an arranged bus. You may then be taken to a new destination, in which case your luggage will be taken to a new hotel for you. These trips are amazing if you really want to experience the importance of wine in a certain area. You have a lot of choices here as well. Perhaps you want to have a short tour and go straight to the wine tasting, or maybe you would like to spend an entire day on the winery to see how the entire process works.

How to Choose a Great Wine Tour Package

A Few Notes

When you go on a wine tour, it is very important that you dress in such a way that you can comfortably walk around. There are no thorns on grape plants, but the areas in which they grow are often very warm and you may be bothered by the insects. As such, it is important to on the one hand cover up, and on the other hand to stay comfortable and not overheat. Linen and cotton are good fabrics for clothing. Do also make sure you bring a hat and some sunglasses to keep yourself protected.

How to Choose a Great Wine Tour Package

Finally, make sure you eat. You will be tasting quite a few wines, and the last thing you want is finding yourself on top of a table singing The Wild Rover before the day is over.