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How to Create a Great House Exterior During Hot Summers

Summertime is traditionally associated with a pleasurable feeling of relaxing outside in a hammock while sipping a cocktail on a beach on a tropical island. Just as you work all year to afford a vacation, your home also needs preparation for a hot summer unless you want it to deteriorate faster.

Everything from a fade-out façade to a danger of fire is something you don’t want to remember summertime by. You can prevent these scenarios from occurring if you create a great exterior for the hottest of Australian summers.

Tree trimming

There is hardly a better feeling than sitting in the shade of a large tree in your backyard when it’s sizzling hot outside. While greenery is important for your outdoor living area, it can turn deadly during tropical cyclones that hit New South Wales from time to time.

In other parts of the country, these violent summer storms cause massive flooding but in your backyard a hurricane can break trees in half, damaging the roof and injuring passersby and residents.

For this reason, you should trim all the tall trees in advance. Look for tall branches that are positioned near the roof or the power lines, as these are the biggest threat. You can hire a cherry picker and professionals to get the job done for you or you trim the branches yourself if you are capable enough.

Treating the woodwork

Speaking of wood, think of all the exterior additions to the house that are made from timber. Everything from garden furniture to the deck is likely made from wood that isn’t particularly resistant to Sun’s rays and water damage. Unless you want to bring in tables and chairs every time it rains, they should get a protective coat.

Impregnating wood will make it water-resistant and strong sunlight won’t be able to damage it in the short fun. However, you need to repaint the deck every summer season because protective layers wear off over time, especially in winter when the cold weather cracks them up.

Cleaning the AC’s exterior unit

Ceiling fans are air-conditioning are all you need to stay cool inside the house. On the outside, you rely on other cooling devices, such as hand fans or a splash pad but the AC unit has an exterior side to it, quite literally.

Firstly, make sure the fans inside the exterior unit aren’t blocked by anything. Then, take out the air filter and gently rinse it in warm water using soap. Finally, grab a wet cloth and wipe off any dust that has settled on the AC unit. Apart from assuring its functionality throughout the summer, the unit’s design should fit in well with the rest of the façade.

Protecting and beatifying the façade

Having mentioned the façade, it is the largest exposed surface ion your house, so it is the most vulnerable part of your home. Unlike the roof tiles or the driveway, the façade has a coat of paint on it, making it more suitable for the strong Australian sun.

That’s why house rendering in Sydney and other East Coast cities is basically mandatory. Luckily, you needn’t spend a fortune on rendering, as modern façade rendering involves the use of acrylic materials that will make your façade stand out for decades to come.

Cleaning the windows

Another large surface on the exterior of your house are windows. If the panes are covered in dirt, then you cannot see outside the home and your home’s curb appeal will take a hit. Instead of using a small cloth to wash all the windows from the outside, turn to pressurized water to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Just make sure the jet of water isn’t too strong so as not to rupture the glass and shut the windows tight, so dirty water doesn’t seep inside the house. The same procedure can be used for the front door, as it too needs cleaning.

Getting the grill ready for summer barbecuing

If there is one reference everyone associates summer with, then it’s definitely barbecuing. However, if you want your garden party to be a hit, you have to get the barbecue ready for the festivity. Start by emptying the grill and dusting the residue of charcoal from last year’s barbecues.

Take the grates out and wash them thoroughly using water, soap, and a steel brush. If the grates are hard to clean, soak them in a mixture of baking soda and water to get the muck off. Finally, scrub the grill hard from the outside using soap and hot water. After you let the grill dry out in the sun, it’s ready to be adorned with homemade Australian beef once more.

A summer at home will not be as nearly as enjoyable if you didn’t have a great exterior to boast about,. From a grill in the backyard to a stunning façade with vibrant colors, these are all factors that will max out the pleasure and minimize the damage. Who knows, your home might be voted the prettiest on the block if you do everything right!

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