How to Enhance Photo in one Click

Finally, the casual traveler doesn’t need to be an expert photographer to get awesome shots. Especially if he likes traveling more than boring old school photo editing.

Even the smartest smart phone can’t capture the photo opportunity the way your eye sees it. Also we can say the same about all cameras. The blues in the sky are flat. The greenery just isn’t vivid. No problem. Images might have a nice composition but the lighting or colors disappoint. Every photo needs post processing to look good.

When you get back to your computer, simply open Photolemur, choose photo, and in an instant, your photo transforms from “eh” to Wow! It knows the adjustments to make so you don’t have to. Get the result you want without spending limitless time in from of your PC or Mac. there is simply no need to study how to become a professional photo editor. It is worth trying especially if you like traveling and taking photos more than manual photo editing at home. Hundreds of already taken pictures can be perfection by the butch processing feature of Photolemur. Just drop them to the program and get marvelous vivid photos.

Photolemur uses artificial intelligence to scan the millions of pixels, instantly making hundreds of light and color adjustments according to the composition of the photo. Then once you save your images, it learns just how to tweak the future image files – getting smarter and better every time you use it. Its is already smart but can be even smarter.

Smart phones and cameras can often make obscure photos that do not fit your expectations. This problem is solved by Photolemur from now. You do not need to become a professional just in order to share a high quality images on social media.

Never again worry if the image doesn’t look quite right. Unlike any other photo enhancing software, Photolemur doesn’t wait for you to make adjustments – it does it for you. It’s like you have your own instant graphics editor, leaving you free to take all those new pics.

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