How to Handle Getting Lost or Locked out of Your Car on Vacation

Vacations are meant to be times for relaxation, but often the travel involved can be stressful and full of unexpected problems. For instance, you may get lost on your way to a destination or even locked out of your car. It is always nerve-wracking to get lost or locked out of your car while on vacation. However, you may feel worse if both scenarios occur at the same time. This is why it is always good to be prepared for bumps in the road when traveling. The following tips can help you handle getting lost or locked out of your car with a clear head.

Take A Deep Breath

It is not fun to be lost locked out of your car during your vacation, especially if you are in an unfamiliar area. However, panicking is not going to help you unlock your car door. It may feel impossible to calm down in this situation, but remaining calm can help you think clearly and determine your next step. Take a few deep breaths and try to keep things in perspective. If you are lost, make sure that you have a safe place in the shade to rest and calm down.

Evaluate Your Surroundings

The next step in this situation is to evaluate your surroundings. It is easier for you to call a nearby friend, roadside assistance or the police if you can help them pinpoint your location. You may also find a nearby shop or restaurant to wait in until help arrives, but this is only an option if you do not have young children or pets locked in the car. If there is a child or animal in the car and it is a hot day and you are far from help, it may be safest to break a front window so they do not suffer heatstroke inside.

Grab Your Spare Key

You should always carry a spare key when you are traveling, and this is especially true if you are on vacation. Use your spare key to unlock the door, find your destination and hit the road. If you do not have a spare key, make a note to have one made to ensure you are not locked out of your car in the future.

Determine If You Need Help

It is also important to determine if you need help, which may be the case if you do not have a spare key. If you do not know anyone who lives in or near the area, you can call your insurance company for roadside assistance. You are going to need to call the police if young children or pets are locked in the car.

Call A Professional Locksmith

Another option is to call a professional locksmith, which you may be able to reach through your insurance company or roadside assistance. You can also call an operator to obtain the number of a local locksmith company. A locksmith can unlock your car door, make a spare key and work with your insurance company to lower the costs.

A vacation should never be a stressful experience, which is why you want to be prepared for getting lost or locked out of your car during your trip. Keep these tips in mind, and try to prepare for emergencies by packing a map, extra water, and keeping emergency numbers and local authorities in your phone.

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