How to Know If You Are Dealing with a Fake Travel Agency

Even though travel agencies are known for benefitting the customers in various aspects, there have been a few negative experiences faced by the customers over the years. And most of the negative experiences were a result of dealing with fake travel agencies.

If you think you are dealing with a fake travel agency, then it is time that you take the right steps before you end up losing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

As they say, “prevention is better than cure,” the same concept needs to be followed when working with a travel agency. Instead of believing completely, ensure to look for tell-tale signs that point out the unreliability of the travel agency, such as:

1. No physical office

While a lot of things can happen online, even weddings, too, that doesn’t mean not having a physical office makes a travel agency legit.

There are various daily engagements that need more than just the internet and smart device to process. A genuine travel agency will have a dedicated office and some staff to handle the operations. But a fake travel agency won’t go through the stress of opening a physical location as it becomes easy for people to expose them.

2. Improper accreditation

It is always best to check for accreditation of the travel agency to determine its legitimacy. A genuine travel agency will be registered or have registered members with the recognized organizations.

Registration also means that the agency or agent has the right knowledge of the industry.

You can always request to see the registration documents, business license, etc., to verify the legitimacy. If the agency refuses to offer such information, it is time you run away from the company.

3. Offerings are too good to be true

The number one reason why people fall for fake travel agencies is that they present mouth-watering deals. Any unsuspecting traveler will fall for such deals. After all, we all want to save a few dollars in some way or another while traveling.

But you must know that there is a difference between offering discounts and alluring people falsely. A fake travel agency follows the latter option and eventually dupes the travelers for hundreds and thousands of dollars.

4. Reviews seem suspicious

Even a well-established and reputed travel agency will have a few negative reviews from the customers. The best thing is that genuine travel agencies work on the negative feedback to provide better services, while fake ones delete the negative reviews from the website.

In fact, fake travel agencies even pay people to leave positive reviews on the site. You can do a little digging from your end to determine whether or not the testimonies and reviews are made from genuine accounts.

5. Dubious in their dealings

If your travel agency has started teaching you how to deceive immigration officials, then that is a huge red flag. Or probably, they are urging you to take a different route while traveling instead of the normal one, then that is a reason for concern.

Any agency that asks you to take backdoors or helps you in forging documents is most likely a fraudster. Even if they make you believe that they are doing everything for your benefit, they are just unethical individuals posing as genuine travel agents.

6. The website seems fake

Just because a travel agency has a website doesn’t mean they are genuine service providers. Making and shutting a fake website is an easy task. Therefore, beware of those agencies that showcase their genuineness through a website.

Try checking for securities on the webpage to determine whether or not the agent has spent money on creating one. For instance, avoid a site that runs on “HTTP://” instead of “HTTPS://.”

Also, if you are confused about the genuineness of the agency, avoid sharing confidential information like bank details, etc.

7. Zero transparency

Transparency is key when it comes to communicating with travel agencies for travel requirements. If your travel agent refuses to share vital information, isn’t transparent about hidden charges, refuses to communicate through certain channels like emails, SMS, etc., asks you never to call, calls from different numbers every time, etc., then those are classic signs of a fraudster.

It is best you run far away from them at the earliest.

8. Unmindful of your needs

The agents at fake travel agencies are trained to convince and patronize the customers. In fact, these agents are so involved in convincing you that they don’t even listen to a single word you have to say. They fail to pay attention to your requirements and just blab about their offerings.

It is best you stay miles away from such travel agencies.

It is important to note that not every travel agency is the same. While some open their business to dupe people, there are many who are passionate about offering genuine travel services in Louisville. Conducting a little research to find a genuine travel agency can prove highly beneficial.

Similar to how there are ways to determine a fake travel company, there are signs to determine genuine service providers, too.

Signs of a good travel agency

1. They know their stuff well

Genuine travel agents are interested in making a long-lasting relationship with their customers. So, they won’t do anything that pushes the clients away. In fact, such agents keep themselves informed about every minute details of travel in Louisville, so the customer is never left unanswered with any question.

Such travel agents are ever-ready to help you plan the right trip. They will consider every point from all sides to quote a reasonable price. They may even keep an eye on the fluctuating price to help you save a few bucks at every opportunity.

2. They are always ready to hear your needs and requirements

Good travel agents will always put your needs and requirements first. They have a friendly and approachable personality, enabling the customers to feel comfortable.

If you wish to go on multiple vacations in a year within a budget, a genuine travel agency will do everything in its capacity to bring you the right deals to put a huge smile on your face. They want you to return to them for more, and this is clearly reflected in their offerings.

3. They offer a full range of travel solutions

With so many travel agencies sprouting regularly, the competition in the industry has only become fierce. In order to retain customers, more and more travel agencies are offering a full range of solutions for travel in Louisville. From arranging domestic and international travels to renting hotels and transportation on the ground, a genuine travel agency will do all.

You may even receive necessary help with passport applications and visas, inoculation procedures, travel insurance protection, and other travel requirements.

4. They don’t charge extra fees

Unlike fake agents, genuine agents are fully content with the compensation they obtain from their travel partners. This means they don’t charge extra money from their clients.

Genuine agents work hard to bring you better deals. They don’t put you through any financial difficulties once you set your limitations with them.

5. They offer great deals

Besides helping you obtain the best deals on flight tickets, hotel booking, and on-ground rentals, genuine travel agencies try making things creative and unique for you upon arriving at the destination, too. For instance, getting you some onboard credit or offering a bottle of wine, etc.

In short, genuine travel agents or agencies will do everything within their limits to ensure your experience of partnering with them for your travel needs is met with utmost accuracy and beyond!

Signing off

Whether you wish to make a local trip or an international trip, travel agencies are capable of making things better for you in many ways. Just be sure that the chosen travel agency is legit and licensed to offer the services.

You can use our blog as a guide to make a sound choice, or listen to us and connect with The Travel Authority. They have all the right expertise that make them one of the best travel agencies in Louisville.

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