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How to Plan a Relaxing Vacation After Quarantine

After the COVID-19 lockdown ends, many families will be ready for a much-needed relaxing vacation. Travel after the pandemic will likely be very different because of new safety protocols. With a little preplanning, the trip could be just the break you were looking for after being stuck at home for so long.

Air Travel

Airlines have already been adapting their regulations to help ensure passenger safety. Check the carrier’s website before you purchase the tickets, and make sure you are comfortable with any new rules. A day or so before you leave, follow-up again. Things can change rapidly, so do your best not to be caught off guard at check-in.


If you are thinking about leaving the country, note the date your passport expires. It needs to be current for six months past your return date. Some government agencies are running with limited staff, so it may take longer than usual to get any new documents. If you need to, send your passport in as soon as possible.


When everyone is free to travel again, there will be plenty of destinations welcoming guests back. For total relaxation, consider going high-end. Some recommended luxury family travel ideas are all-inclusive spots or five-star hotels with plenty of activities on the ground or nearby. These destination spots offer fine dining, outdoor adventures, and nightlife. For some families, a relaxing time might mean heading back to nature, especially after being indoors for weeks. Camping takes a little more planning, but being away from the news and electronic connections for a while can recharge one’s internal battery.


Picking out the hotel or rental house is easier today because of online reviews. When investigating your options, find out their house rules and if they offer any perks. Some establishments have free breakfast while others provide transportation from the airport.

Activities and Schedules

Finding new and fun things to do on vacation is a must, but don’t overbook your schedule. Cramming your days and nights with activities can wear everyone down. The point of this trip is to relax and take your mind off the current crisis. Plan to sleep in a few days if possible, or hang out by the pool one lazy afternoon. Many luxury resorts offer beauty and spa treatments that will help you unwind. Getting exercise can also release any leftover anxiety from COVID-19. Some physical options to consider are hitting the links, renting some bikes, or hiking to a new picnic spot.

Remember what the goal of this particular vacation is. It may not be like any other you have taken before because of health and safety issues. Once you have picked out your location, planned your mode of transportation, and settled on lodging, get ready to enjoy freedom and relaxation.

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