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How to save money on a UK getaway

Whether you’re looking for the newly popular staycation, or if you’re travelling from further afield, there’s no doubt that the UK holds a certain charm when it comes to holidays.

While it might not be renowned for its weather, it is home to world-leading attractions, history and culture. Something else that it can be renowned for is its expensive nature. If you don’t research accordingly, your UK getaway costs can quickly spiral out of control.

Bearing this in mind, today’s article is all about outlining some of the best ways you can save money on your next holiday in the country.

Don’t fixate on London

A lot of our introduction today has, unintentionally, focused on London and what you can do (and spend) there. As it turns out, the UK has oh-so-much more to offer, with London being the (expensive) tip of the iceberg.

In the interest of saving money, look at other parts of the country. Southampton has great hotel options and will take you further afield from some of the over-exposed parts of the UK that suffer from having too many tourists.

London is notoriously expensive, from hotels to transport, and your costs will skyrocket as soon as you choose the capital. Thinking outside the Big Smoke won’t just save you money either – it will open your horizons to everything that the UK can offer to tourists.

On the subject of transport…

Now we’re on the subject of transport, let’s delve into another way you can cut your costs.

If you have selected a city trip, such as London, be aware that traditional means of public transport aren’t always savvy. For example, it can be quicker to walk between locations rather than get the tube.

When travelling between cities, booking as far in advance as possible is the best solution. Don’t just think about the train either. While this is the most comfortable method of transport, UK coach services are reliable and cost a fraction of the price.

Never pay full price for attractions

As we have already alluded to, the UK has some of the best attractions in the world. Unfortunately, if you were to pay full price for many of these, it would break the bank.

On the most part, you simply don’t have to, though. Most of them have regular 2-4-1 offers, found on discount websites or even on the back of cereal packets. Even if such an offer doesn’t exist, you can usually obtain some sort of discount by using an online booking system. Turning up and hoping for the best isn’t an option!

The same rules apply for restaurants

In truth, we could have bundled this final tip with the previous one. The UK has an abundance of chain restaurants, many of which have their own discount schemes. Whether it is Pizza Express or Cafe Rouge, there are usually discounts to be found. Again, turning up and paying the on-the-menu price is asking to spend more than you really need to.

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