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How to Style with the Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors of 2019

Nowadays, homeowners frown at kitchens with common designs they want something different, unique that builds their character and show their personality, and while you may be considering the merits of framed vs. frameless cabinets, before you open your toolbox (and your wallet) consider adding a splash of color. Coloring the kitchen cabinets can take notice, a well-thought paint job can make the difference and separate you from the pack.

If you want to renovate your cabinets get ready to mix things up with these color inspirations.

Minimalist Trend

For so many homeowners, the kitchen is the focal point of the house. It is where hours are spent cooking, watching the kids grow to adults enjoying the food you prepared.  The kitchen is important in a family’s daily activities, space should have a minimalist design so that every nook and cranny will be comfortable. Minimalist kitchen design is about clean lines and clutter-free space.

Photo by Hulburd Design

Careful planning and kitchen remodel will make this happen from incorporating the necessary appliances and furniture to the warmth of a countertop to the usefulness of kitchen cabinets. White conveys minimalism it gives the kitchen a cozy, homey feeling.

Photo by Thomas Roszak Architecture, LLC

Shaker cabinets are en vogue for a simple, fresh look. Cabinets should have a deep shade if the walls are white. Where minimalism is at play white will match well with a deep-colored dining table, a mustard yellow refrigerator, and a cherry red oven. Consider a backsplash of light-colored subway tiles for a trendy look. Tuck away glasses, mugs, and bowls but can be easily reached when needed.

White cabinets

Although there are emerging color trends, white remains a popular choice for cabinets in the kitchen. White connotes new beginnings and purity it makes space appear light and clean. It’s a trendy color for kitchen cabinets in contemporary, rustic, and traditional houses. White will never go out of style it can give you endless possibilities match it with wood for flooring, kitchen furniture, or bare beams and it will surely catch your attention.

Photo by Boss Design Center

Get crazy with your white Las Vegas cabinets it fits well with your wild countertop, colorful walls or a daring floor covering. It will exude elegance to your clean-cut kitchen with a classic design. Pair your white cabinets with pricey stainless appliances, quartz kitchen island and countertops or your black tile floor for the wow factor. But it has drawbacks such as blemishes appear over time, grease and grime around fittings, nicks, and dings too. This can be easily handled with daily wipes and washing every month at most a retouch of paint will do the trick.

Grey Cabinets

Most homeowners avoid grey because it is associated with dullness, modesty, and boredom. Builders and painting contractors are moving towards grey cabinets which strike a lovely balance between a trendy room and one that is dark. So if you are looking for a color for your cabinet that is something different but not that different without going overboard go for grey.

Photo by Erik Oberg

Grey is a neutral color that works well with a kitchen that is bold and modern while staying spotless and versatile. Don’t hesitate to mix your grey kitchen cabinets with bolder hues in floor tiles, walls, and appliances. Match dark cabinets with wood or ceramic flooring, granite or concrete countertops and white or beige walls. Remember to choose a lighter shade of grey if you’re pairing this with a dark color and vice versa.

Mixing Cabinet Colors

With so many colors available selecting a color for kitchen cabinets is daunting adding more colors will make your head spin. Fret not, your efforts will be rewarded, a color will transform your dated cabinetry and more colors will give your kitchen a personal look and a designer edge.

Photo by Green Goods

Dove and white

A white and off white combination for kitchen cabinets will give the space some depth makes it airy and light. The color combo will spice up a clean, modern design without adding any details.

Photo by G.J. Gardner Homes | Adams County

Blue and white

Too much white can spoil a room’s details mix this with blue and bring your kitchen to the next level. Textures like wood and metal along with the mixture transforms the kitchen into a timeless space.

Photo by SPACE Architects + Planners

Green and white

Green is associated with life it is proof that it will work in the kitchen. It might be unexpected but when you try it you don’t want to leave.

Photo by Hub Kitchens

Break the rules

Go crazy and let your creativity go wild. Play with daring color combinations, use different colors for the drawers and cabinet doors. Create a crazy kitchen with five or more colors tones.

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