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How To Transform Your Home With Peel And Stick Wallpaper In Minutes

Are you tired of seeing the same old décor in your space? Luckily for you, it’s now possible to transform your house in a few simple steps. Some people move things around; others include more lighting, while others go the decluttering way. We’ll introduce another option- using temporary wallpaper!

Why Temporary Wallpaper?

If you remember, back in the day, wallpaper required that you set out an entire day to paste and stick wallpaper on the walls. It was such an intensive task that those who dared to do it had to prepare mentally and physically. One wrong move, and they were stuck with misaligned wallpaper that dented their aesthetic. Then temporary wallpaper came into the picture. Here was a wallpaper option that did away with all the hassle of conventional wallpaper. How?

It did not require professional installation. If anything, all you needed was to watch one video or read one blog, and you were good to go. After all, after you’re done cleaning the wall, you can pretty much stick the wallpaper, and it will remain put. Secondly, it allowed room for mistakes. We all know that newbies need to get the hang of angles, and with conventional wallpaper, this was a hurdle. Once the paste was on, there was no going back. Temporary wallpaper follows a peel and stick mechanism. Made a mistake? – peel it off and stick it on the wall again. How amazing is that?

Finally, there was the issue of variety. You’ve got a ton of choices and never have to stick with the same old designs that were a hit a few decades ago. Whether you want solid color temporary wallpaper or are into something with some more funk, you are sure to find something.

How to Use Peel And Stick Wallpaper

Enough about the benefits of peel and stick wallpaper! If we had our way with it, we could go on and on about the advantages of this innovation. But if you’ve read this piece so far, you’re interested in its transformative powers. Wait no more- here they come!

As an Accent Wall

Do you want to create some drama in your room? Maybe your living room is looking a bit drab, and you want to make an impactful statement to the guests. Temporary wallpaper can help you hack this. It highlights and accents the wall, making it a sure showstopper. While you can always work with solid colors for accent walls, how about adding some pattern? We recommend using temporary geometric wallpaper. The texture creates more visual interest and makes for a striking focal point in the space. If you choose to work with plain colors, how about going for the bolder options? Please work with only one wall and leave the others bare to ensure the dramatic effect shows.

Above the Rail Decoration

Maybe using wallpaper all over one wall does not seem to be the best idea for your home. That’s perfectly fine. You can choose to create an accent decoration for a section in one wall. For example, instead of covering an entire wall with patterned wallpaper, how about covering the section above the chair rail? It still creates visual interest.

When would this option be ideal? – when the room already has a focal point. When decorating any space, living room or not, the one thing you want to avoid is creating competition. Have you ever walked into a room and felt that it was busy? – not in the number of people in the room but the many concepts in play. You do not want to have your wallpaper competing with your focal piece. So, if you already have your key feature highlighted, above the rail wallpapering would make sense. Work with subtle colors and patterns to avoid the competition aspect. But if there’s nothing that stands to lose out to the wallpaper, go big!

As a Backsplash

Backsplashes are essential to protecting your walls and ensuring you keep your kitchen looking tidy. Moreover, they make sure that microorganisms do not end up taking up residence in your walls and posing a health risk. In the past, people have opted for tiles as backsplashes. In recent years, there has also been an increase in people using natural stone for the same purpose. But have you seen a wallpapered backsplash?

Here’s the thing- you probably have! Wallpaper comes in so many varieties and textures that it can look and feel like a traditional backsplash. You can get wallpaper that looks like tiles, natural stones, wood, etc. Does it work as well as other backsplash options? It sure does! You may think that having plain paper between your sink and your walls will not work. However, the temporary aspect of the wallpaper does not count against its durability. If anything, stats show that temporary wallpaper can last as many as ten years, which is way more than paint does without requiring a touchup.

Oh, and you can always change the backsplash as often as you want because wallpapering is more cost-effective than using traditional backsplashes. All you do is peel off the old paper and stick on the new style. How easy would it be to keep up with kitchen trends this way?

For Your Reading Nook

Do you like retreating to a quiet space to be alone with your thoughts and a good read? Reading nooks have gotten more comfortable over the years. They are no longer standard desks and chairs with mismatching hues. Instead, they now feature comfortable throw pillows, some blankies, adequate lighting, and air conditioning. Is anything missing? Some décor! How about making this quiet space a bit more comfortable by imparting some personality to it? You can use textured wallpaper to create some visual interest and speak to the subtleness of the space. Or use bold classic options that take you back to a few centuries ago. There are so many options in this case. Here’s a thought- start by choosing the wallpaper, then select the furniture. Otherwise, the two could clash, affecting the overall vibe in the space.

Where else do you think you can use temporary wallpaper for a transformative effect?

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