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How To Travel Cross Country Without A Car

Are you looking forward to traveling across the country without a car? Congratulations in advance! You’re about to have a travel experience that might make you change your mind whenever you think of traveling by car.

Unlike when you must concentrate on driving safely when traveling by car, these other means ensure that you enjoy every minute of the journey by allowing you to watch different views, sleep, relax, read, or play when traveling. Wondering which means are these? Read along to learn more.

Take A Train And Enjoy The Ride

Taking a train is the most convenient, common, popular, and inexpensive way of traveling. By taking a train, you can enjoy different sceneries without concentrating on the road since someone else is under control. You can also enjoy a multi-stop trip that doesn’t need a car. Fortunately, most developed countries have well-connected and affordable rail links, making the trip easy and totally dependent on the train.

What makes train travel even better is that it’s more enjoyable than driving. As a train passenger, you only need to book a comfortable seat, show up and catch the correct train, and live the experience. You don’t have to deal with route planning, fueling, or car breakdowns when traveling via train.

The elimination of driving allows you to participate in road travel games or read your latest book while on the go. You also get to see views that could have been impossible when traveling by car. It’s essential to note that a train snakes through scenic routes that a car can’t.

For instance, a train can easily navigate through snowy peaks, thick forests, over iconic bridges, and between mountains where roads are yet to be constructed, if at all they will. That said, a train offers you an opportunity to travel the country, watching views that might only exist in your dreamland. If you’re looking forward to traveling by train, you can contact train holidays Australia and book a train trip for the whole family to enjoy the experience together.

Fly Around

While it’s the easiest way to move from one city to another, flying isn’t the cheapest traveling option. Nevertheless, if you don’t mind paying extra but are keen on reaching your destination as quickly as possible, it might be your ideal traveling option. Besides getting to your destination faster, flying also allows you to sit and relax while someone else takes care of getting you to the preferred destination safely.

Like traveling by train, you can enjoy reading your favorite book during the flight. Nevertheless, you have to understand that there’s not much to see when flying compared to traveling by road or rail. Therefore, if you’re more into scenery, you might consider other means of transport instead of flying.

Catch A Bus

Traveling by bus might be the cheapest way of traveling around the country without a car. However, it’s time-consuming since the bus will likely be caught in a traffic jam, making it slower than the train. Additionally, buses make several stops before reaching the final destination, delaying the journey even further.

Nevertheless, you get to enjoy the scenery each time the bus stops. You also get a chance to step out and enjoy the fresh air. Like other public transport methods, you don’t have to worry about refilling the gas or understanding the route when traveling by bus. Rest assured that you’re in the capable hands of a trained driver, and all you need is to relax and enjoy the trip. However, besides being glad about saving on your road trip, be ready for a journey that seems to take forever.


You might be wondering how one can travel the country for free. Or, who’d want to go asking for traveling help from strangers in this era? But hitchhiking isn’t a new phenomenon. People have been hitchhiking for years and still are.

While it’s not the most reliable and convenient way to travel, you’ll be surprised to tour the country for free. Nevertheless, if time is of the essence, you might consider choosing a different traveling method since you can never tell how long you’ll be standing by the roadside waiting for someone to give you a lift.

Additionally, it’s vital to contemplate safety before deciding on traveling by this means. If your instincts tell you otherwise, restrain from hopping into a car with suspicious characters for safety reasons. Additionally, it wouldn’t be a good idea to hitchhike alone.


Besides traveling across the country by car, other effective and stress-free traveling methods are more beneficial. For example, when traveling through public transportation, you don’t need to concentrate on the road to avoid causing accidents. Instead, you enjoy the journey while watching beautiful scenery, reading a book, or participating in road trip games. Though traveling by car allows you to stop whenever you like, as a driver, you’re limited to what you can see compared to when someone else takes the driving or flying responsibility.

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