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How to Travel Like a Fashion Publicist

The life of a fashion publicist doesn’t slow down. One minute, you’re meeting with clients about their brand, the next you’re talking editorial content with magazines like Vogue. And then, there are the fashion weeks all over the world, stretching you to the limit. There’s little time to wonder what you should wear. And what you wear is everything.

A fashion publicist carefully plans a capsule travel wardrobe that accommodates comfort and style in equal measure. What a fashion publicist puts in their suitcase is practical but focused on trends and contemporary looks. When you’re running from morning to night to represent your clients and advocating for their brand, you need to be the calm center in the storm’s eye and look good while doing it.

Dress in Sleek, Stylish Comfort

Elegance isn’t a trick with smoke and mirrors – it’s a vibe. And choosing comfortable clothes to signal elegance is how the vibe is created. If you’re going to travel like a fashion publicist, assembling a wardrobe that signals effortless elegance and fashion-savvy style is your pet project.

Comfortable clothing that presents you at your best may seem difficult to find. But athleisure wear is taking the fashion world by storm in 2023. And it’s leaped the fashion-activewear barrier, appearing on runways everywhere. Celebrities like Beyonce are feeding the athleisure fire with luxe looks that defy traditional fashion norms. Apart from sizing, the gender lines are blurred with athleisure fashion. This flexibility provides fashionistas with abundant latitude to blend athleisure wear with luxury vintage and contemporary luxury pieces for a unique look.

Luxury athleisure is in the cut and the fabric. A cut that flatters and a fabric that demands to be touched are the keys to creating a winning athleisure look worthy of even the most revered fashion publicist.

Get Essential

A fashion publicist knows what’s expected. This is the point person for fashion brands looking to expand their market share and profile. So, essential style is the order of the day, dispensing with the extraneous and focusing on the “bones” of fashion and what to hang on them to present yourself as a fashion expert.

Keeping your palette monochromatic is one of the most important facets of a pared-down travel wardrobe that works for all purposes. That may sound like an impossible dream but fashion publicists do it all the time. Add color with accessories like scarves, rings, bags, and designer footwear for an edgy, individual look. A good garment bag and a carry-on should be enough, accommodating everything you need with compact packing solutions. Your style essentials are hardworking allies that can do it all with smart planning that deploys the fashion publicist approach. Essential style adds up to: practical, mix-and-matchable, durable, stylish, and comfortable. Choose your wardrobe items in the same color family and keep it elegant!

Choose a World-Class Hotel

Fashion publicists are discerning people who know quality when they see it. When you’re working non-stop at a hectic fashion week full of surprises, you need to choose a hotel that coddles and nurtures you. Even at home, a fashion publicist wants to sleep on high-end, high thread-count sheets that wrap them in luxury. Waking up refreshed is a big deal when you’re in back-to-back events and meetings all day, into the evening!

Fashion weeks all over the world take place in areas that feature some of the world’s finest hotels. The Ritz Paris, located in Place Vendome – the heart of the fashion action – even has a Coco Chanel Suite. And yes, Coco herself lived there for 37 years! But if you’re in New York City, the opulent, oversized rooms at the Park Hyatt New York on West 57th Avenue epitomize the concept of a world-class hotel. Spread out and plan your full frontal fashion attack on NYC in the Park Hyatt’s massive, luxuriously appointed rooms.

Be Prepared for Anything

Fashion publicists turn on a dime because they go everywhere expecting the unexpected. And if you’re ready to travel like one of these savvy dynamos, you’ll need to be prepared for anything.

These are the basic commandments for style mavens ready to travel like a fashion publicist. The fashion publicist is organized and effortlessly elegant. And with these simple rules, you can travel that way too, looking sleek, sophisticated, and ready for anything!

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