How You Can Upgrade Your Front Yard and Boost Your Curb Appeal in One Weekend

You’re one weekend of hard work away from having a stylish and unique yard that draws people in. So many people maintain a neat and orderly home, but they fail to add style that helps it stand out. These simple yard upgrades make it easy to transform the front of your home. You’ll immediately enjoy a more upscale and interesting look, and you get the chance to add your own unique style to your home’s front end at the same time. Learn simple upgrades that any homeowner can do and plan your home’s makeover this weekend.

Add a Pleasant Glow with Outdoor Lighting

Add simple style elements to your yard and front porch using wall lights, solar lights, and post lights. You can quickly upgrade dated wall lights in your entryway with stylish oiled bronze lights on a classic house, and bright geometric lights on a modern house. Adding post lights is a quick way to make fence or rail posts stand out, and solar lights can be used to illuminate walkways. Adding a few well-placed lights to your front yard makes it seem more inviting, interesting, and stylish.

Add Color to Your Home with Window Boxes

Accent your windows with stylish planter boxes and infuse them with color by investing in coordinating plants. As the weather warms up it’s vital to decorate your outdoor spaces. The trick to getting maximum style points from window boxes is to get all matching boxes and the same or coordinating plants. Choose bushy plants that add a lush green look to your home, and consider adding all the same plants, or two coordinating options that leave your home looking orderly while drawing attention to it in a good way.

Window boxes are simple to attach, they’re affordable and when you’ve added your plants you’ll fall in love with this simple external upgrade. Be sure to care for the plants, and trim them for a beautiful manicured look.

Refresh Your Planter Beds

Planter beds in front of your home can make or break your home’s curb appeal. Beds that have been carefully maintained make your home look stunning, while unkempt beds can make your home look abandoned. Begin by removing any dead plants and weeds using the proper outdoor landscaping supplies. Now, trim back any unruly plants to give them a neat appearance. Finally, fill empty spaces with coordinating plants and add a new layer of mulch to refresh the color of your beds.

Add Fresh Door Hardware to your Space

If you have an older door, or an entry door with worn hardware, invest in an attractive new lockset. Consider brushed oil or nickel options to match your home’s style while giving your space a modern handle that looks lovely. Your front door will likely operate more smoothly with a new handle as well as an added bonus.

Replace Your House Number

It’s often the small details that mean the most for the look of your home. Remove worn or cheaply made house numbers from your home and add bold and modern numbers to refresh the look of your home immediately. Most house numbers are low cost and they can be installed in less than 15 minutes.

Upgrade Your Mailbox

If you reuse the existing post, you can rapidly enhance the style of your home by getting a nicely designed mailbox. Don’t spend too much on this upgrade, but replace a worn and beat-up mailbox with an option that coordinates with your home and looks neat and clean. Consider adding a few nice landscaping accents, such as a mini flower bed around your box for extra style points.

Make Symmetrical Upgrades

Whether you add outdoor lights, garden boxes, planters, or anything else, try to keep your changes symmetrical. If you add a light to the right of your front door, invest in a light on the left as well. If you only have wiring in place for a single wall light, it isn’t that difficult to add a second light box by wiring into the first. Symmetrical improvements look clean and they’re pleasing to the eye. Symmetrical upgrades are the simplest kind of enhancements to get right. Don’t make your home improvements complicated, make changes to both sides of your walkway, your front porch, and other elements in front of your home. By combining these enhancements with simple garden improvements you can transform your entire outdoor space.

It only takes a few minor upgrades to make your home stand out. Use careful landscaping, upgraded lights, and a well-thought-out theme to make your house the most charming in the neighborhood.

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