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Ibiza – Island Where Parties Last From Dusk to Dawn

When it comes to holidays, many people point the perfect holiday trip to Ibiza. It should not be surprising, if we take into consideration the beauty of this Spanish island. Ibiza for years has been synonym for fun that lasts 24 hours a day during the whole year. Ibiza is a paradise beauty crisscrossed with endless entertainment, freedom, carefree and excitement.

Besides good entertainment, a large part of the island is protected by the United Nations and is recognized as the world’s garden. Ibiza is some place that cannot be described in words, but only need to experience.

Image by David, Bergin, Emmett via Fickr

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At distance of about 80 kilometers from Valencia, Ibiza present the third largest of the Balearic island with a total area of 572 square kilometers. It has 133,000 inhabitants, but during the season, the number of people staying at that place is increasing several times. There all beaches are available to be easily walked. Ibiza is the island for which all dream about. At that destination the sun rises and going down differently, air has a special smell, sand between the toes is amazing, and also colourful cocktails and loud music additionally heat the excitement. Many things are making this island so special.

Image by Binu Nair via Fickr

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Image by Trey Ratcliff via Fickr

The natural beauty that melts with traditional Spanish architecture, as well as the image of the world-renowned location for good nightlife of Ibiza, give an aura of myth. Ibiza is a popular tourist destination and world-famous for night parties. If you are dreaming of extra entertainment then you are at the right place – top clubs, the best DJs and exciting people will make you an unforgettable holiday. Do not miss to visit the greatest nightclubs, such as Space, Privilage, Amnesia, DC10, Eden and Es Paradis. In Ibiza is the most expensive restaurant in the world, called “Sublimotion”, and the price of a meal cost 1,500 euros. The guests not know what they are eating as long as they put the food in mouth. For reservation people need to wait at least one year.

Image by Antonio Pavon via Fickr

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