Ibiza’s Luxury Revolution: How the Island Transformed Itself

Ibiza is a magical island of luxuriousness, culture and spectacular scenery. It has all the ingredients for relaxing holiday, yet the island was sold short by its reputation as a hedonistic playground for clubbers and package tourists for many years. Those who are familiar with the White Island have always known about its pine-covered mountains, secret coves and tranquil villages, but now the rest of the world does too. In recent years, Ibiza has emerged as one of the most celebrated hangouts for jetsetters thanks to various factors. Ibiza’s recent rebranding as a luxury destination has put the charming Balearic Island on the map for luxury travellers. But what exactly are the key factors that have led to the island’s luxury revolution and iterate the necessity of a villa rental holiday in Ibiza in 2017?

A Haven for Celebrities

Ibiza has drawn a celebrity crowd since the days Errol Flynn used to come ashore from his yacht in the 1950s. In the sixties and seventies Ibiza’s laid-back appeal inspired many bohemians and artists such as Terence Stamp, Salvador Dali, Diana Rigg and Peter Sellers. These famous faces increased the island’s hippie-chic notoriety and got the island into the international press. Celebrity interest in the island developed the potential for a larger influx of visitors, and spurred a development in luxury infrastructure, such as beach clubs, exclusive nightclubs, fine restaurants and luxury properties.

World-Famous Party Scene

Despite evolving into a clubbing mecca, at which yachts would stop off to offload their discerning guests to party in the 80s and 90s, the style of partying has gradually started to shift: now the parties are more exclusive and the celebrity stopovers more leisurely. Leonardo DiCaprio, Beyonce, Kate Moss and Johnny Depp are all frequent visitors to the island. Clubs like USHUAIA, Es Paradis and Pacha offer an indulgent VIP service. The type of revellers at the big nightclubs is changing as the ticket prices get more expensive and the island is reclaiming its dignified personality. The previous crowd that gave the island its unfavourable reputation are moving to less upmarket and more exuberant destinations in other European countries.

A Superyacht Hub

Magna Marina is an ultra-exclusive addition to the island and attracts rich jet setters, business magnates and seafaring enthusiasts. The marina is one of the most expensive in the world and is located in the Port of Ibiza, minutes away from the casino strip and Pacha nightclub. With recent changes to yacht charter laws, more and more yachts are visiting the Balearic Islands in search of an authentic and indulgent experience. The increase in tourist numbers has improved the standard of attractions around the port too.

It Offers the Best of Both Worlds

Ibiza can be as quiet or as vibrant as you’d like: it has the rural surroundings of a land untouched by time in some areas and the cosmopolitan feel of a sophisticated city in others. By hiring a car, you can get off the beaten path and reach the secluded bays and traditional villages that so many visitors miss out on. You will also be able to find the perfect spot to watch the sunset. Las Dalias market in Sant Carles de Peralta is an example that is reminiscent of the bohemian origins of the island’s tourist scene, which initially attracted so many artists and free spirits.

Luxury Ibiza villas

There has been a big increase in luxury accommodation too, with luxury Ibiza villa rental becoming a popular choice for travellers who prefer a home away from home. This is complemented by dedicated Ibiza concierge services that cater to their discerning guests’ needs for privacy, prestige and comfort. While there is plenty of nightlife for those who are seeking fun, there is also the opportunity to retreat to a quiet villa rental in the hills – rural finca rental in Ibiza is the best way to experience the untouched face of the island. Some celebrities, such as Jade Jagger, have caught onto the allure of Ibiza and own their own properties on the island.

Fine Dining

There is a number of fine dining restaurants that have sprung up in recent years in the Balearics, such as the Michelin-starred Can Dani in Formentera. There are also private beach clubs, such as the successful Cotton Beach Club, and sumptuous lounge bars dotted around the islands. Restaurants in Ibiza create the finest gourmet cuisine using fresh local produce and wines, and the views from their terraces are simply breathtaking. Sublimotion, the world’s most expensive restaurant, has raised the culinary bar in Ibiza and offers a truly indulgent dining experience.

The luxury revolution has certainly transformed the island into an unbeatable holiday destination, and should be experienced to be believed.

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