Ideal place to live according to Zodiac sign – part 2


This zodiac sign is romantic and want to be surrounded by people. Charming and persistent Libras constantly looking for life balance and life in the big city is not the best choice for them. They need a dose of nature that will bring harmony in large cities. They want peaceful and quiet places. Taking into consideration their gentle and artistic side, Venice would be an ideal place for living. They also like sea cities in which are held major artistic events, music and film festivals, fashion shows and exhibitions like Rome, Milan and Beijing.


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Members of this sign are persistent, mysterious and want life in a city that maintains their personality. Scorpions are passionate, smart and love to study other cultures. They need a place where constantly something going on, but also complemented by beautiful nature. Scorpions may live in Spanish and Italian cities, especially Sicily, but they are attracted by Chicago, New York and Rio de Janeiro.

Rio de Janeiro

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Sagittarians live to travel. This sign loves freedom and open space, but they can not long be kept in one place. Sagittarians are impressed by blend of modern and traditional cities with lavish architecture and rich cultural and sporting events, as Madrid, Rome, Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca.


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Persistent, ambitious and practical members of this sign love cities that meet their constant desire for cultural ascent. Because of that Capricorns need a city full of museums, theatres and cultural events. The best places for them are Mexico City, Salt Lake City and Oxford because they providing an opportunity for progress.

Mexico City

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This sign is full of original ideas and his creativity is widely known. They are looking for a place to live that will provide the opportunity to further develop. Aquarius needs constantly challenges that will give a chance for learning about the different cultures. Their perfect cities are Hong Kong and Moscow.

Hong Kong

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Artistic-minded and idealistic Pisces can not stand living in a big city. Sensitive Pisces are not created for dynamic cities. They will best suit peaceful city with rich history where their romantic side can dominate. Their dream city is Florence, and free spirit would equally settle down in Seville and Warsaw.


Image by Chris Yunker via Flickr

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