Different Unique Ideas and Techniques Applicable for Small Bathroom Renovations

A small bathroom is most commonly seen in all the modern apartments and some owners of individual houses, often, opt for smaller size while making the second or third bathroom in the house. When these small bathrooms become old and demand immediate renovation for structural and functional improvements, the homeowners may feel confused about carrying on the renovations within such small space. However, the small bathroom renovations are quite simpler due to the lesser amounts of features.

Few useful tips for applying in small bathroom renovations

  • The sink and vanity of slimmer size are better for a smaller sized bathroom and can leave some more free space while serving their required purpose brilliantly. The residents can easily store their toiletries in the sleeker cabinets of stylish designs, which may be extended to wall size, if possible.
  • It is useful to hang a large mirror of attractive design on the wall of the bathroom, preferably on the wall to which the sink is attached. The presence of a mirror enhances the beauty and also makes the room look more spacious due to its reflection. Moreover, people find it easier to have a look at their faces reflected in that mirror, while shaving or brushing. The mirror can also be attached to the vanity door if it is extended to wall-size.

  • The toilet may be attached to the wall of the bathroom in a hanging position, while the toilet tank is embedded deep into the wall for saving a lot of space. This arrangement is preferred by many clients during small bathroom renovations. Or consider a small point install toilet with a reduced foot-print like the Saniflo model reviewed on RateMyToilet.
  • The installation of small-sized bathtub helps in saving space, which is available in many designs and colours with the renowned manufacturing companies. The use of a thin glass shower screen may also save more space than the ordinary shower doors and looks classier than the shower curtains.

  • The series of small and open shelves can be fitted into a corner of the bathroom, providing wider space and greater storage for essential items.

Small Bathroom Renovations

  • If there is not much space for installing additional windows, it is better to set fixed glass panels in place of the bricks of the walls in some places. Thus, more natural light will enter the room, lessening the need of switching on the lights during daytime.
  • An early planning for the small bathroom renovations helps in accomplishing the task more smoothly and within the budget of the house owner. First of all, it is best to make a list of all the problems faced in that old bathroom and then prioritize them according to the importance and convenience. The homeowner may also consult with a professional interior designer who has experience in dealing with the renovations of the bathrooms with limited space.

  • The total cost of all the renovation works should be ascertained beforehand, including the prices of the upgraded appliances, new plumbing fixtures and the fresh tiles, as well as the labour charges of the plumbers and other professionals needed for the bathroom renovations.  If there is a financial constraint, then only the essential repairs or replacements should be pointed out and done within that limited budget.

The plumbing lines mostly remain the same in a small bathroom, as there is hardly any space for installing new appliances that require new sewage pipes. But, it is essential to have the existing plumbing system checked by a professional plumber to detect any leakage anywhere in or even outside the bathroom, till the pipes end in the sewage tank of the building. Renovating wisely can change the total look of a small bathroom and make it much more convenient for the family members.

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