If you love snow, see the best destinations…

Winter is coming and you shall remember why this time of year is the most magic of the four weather seasons. In addition we present you beautiful locations along the world where magic of winter is in full splendor. Some of them are medieval towns with captivating tale atmosphere part, and some are local ski resorts with wonderful winter landscapes. However all of them vividly reveal all the beauty in the last quarter of the year.

1. Blue Lagoon, Iceland

In a country of famous ice you can find paradise for lovers of cold whiteness. It is about geothermal bath outdoors which spans about 10,000 square meters and is surrounded by large frozen rocks.

2. Rainy Forest, New Zealand

Glaciers and rainforests are an interesting combination for those who want to enjoy the cooler temperatures and adrenaline climb.

3. Fjords, Norway

This gorgeous winter cruise will offer an unforgettable experience for a lifetime. The view of the spectacular cliffs and glaciers is completely magic.

4. Park of monkeys, Japan

We present you an ideal destination for those seeking entertainment, animals and adventure. Between the mountains and impassable areas is located park in which are inhabited snow monkeys. This region is covered with snow even 4 months and tourists around the world come just to photograph these unusual creatures.

5. Lake Placid, New York

Besides numerous activities such as placing ski trails, reviewing hills, visit the Olympic Museum and enjoying the winter carnival, the most attractive activity is driving with sledges beans.

6. Ice Hotel, Sweden

With the first snow in Sweden began construction of this ice hotel. The entire interior is made of snow and ice – bars, beds and even chandeliers.

7. Iditarod trail, Alaska

In this land of wild and snow each year is organized one of the most famous races of dogs. The trail is over 1,000 kilometers long and it is fully rugged terrain covered with snow.

8. Ski Centre Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Thanks to the huge funds invested in this project, Dubai managed to bring snow to the desert.

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