In Love With Bodrum

If you love the sun and the sun destinations maybe you will like our recommendation of Turkish destination Bodrum. Bodrum is the heart of the Turkish Riviera and the place where tourists and locals can enjoy the sun, sea, beaches, but also a large number of nightclubs and bars.

The nightlife is one of the biggest attractions of Bodrum. That is why this city regularly, every year, is visited by many Englishmen and Germans. At night Bodrum practically sparkles with life and many night clubs are full until the early hours. Here there are many bars by the sea, which will satisfy every taste. There are also quiet and romantic cafes, perfect for special occasions and enjoy with your loved one.

Bodrum is a place which will always surprising you , sometimes modestly and quietly, and sometimes quickly, unstoppable and free. It is situated on a peninsula between Marmaris and Kusadasi, in Turkish region of Mugla, on the crossroads of the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea. Bodrum represents the sun, sea and history in one place. In short, Bodrum is a place where everyone can be happy in their own way, so everyone can see their own version of the city. Some live a modest, peaceful and quiet life, while others live to the fullest. This city is a magical destination that contains elements of many cultures making it an international place for relaxation.

First that catch your eyes will be the amazing architecture. Bodrum is a town of white facades that adorn the single-storey houses densely packed next to each other. Therefore, the specificity of this architecture do not resemble to any other style of today’s Turkey. The main attraction is the castle of St. Petra, which was built in the 15th century. The ticket is € 5, but this attraction can be visited every day from 9 to 19 hours. In the center is the famous Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, the famous tombstone of King Mausolus, built around 350 BCE and once one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Great attention of tourists attracted to the old city Myndos Gate, built during the reign of King Mausolus and white windmills, made of stone and coated boards.

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