Incomparable Indonesia: 9 Extremely Beautiful Places Worth to See

Incomparable. Extremely beautiful. Did those points of the headline seem like an exaggeration? When you see Indonesia with your own eyes, you’ll realize that any exaggerating word is actually an underestimation when used for this country. It’s absolutely breathtaking.

Indonesia will mesmerize you with its exotic islands, pristine beaches, and vibrant culture. Of course, you’ll have to move a bit further than your hotel to see everything this country has to offer. Yes; the hotel will probably be great. Yes; it will offer you almost everything you need for the trip. No; it won’t give you the best experience.

Be an adventurer, will you? There are plenty of great things to see in Indonesia. We’ll list only few of them.

Krakatoa Volcano

Volcanoes are a wonder of Nature. Indonesia is a country with a volcano-dominant geography, so it would be a shame not to see at least one of them during your stay there. In August 1883, Krakatoa threw out one of the most cataclysmic eruptions the world has ever seen. The sound of the eruption was so massive that it was heard 3,000 miles away, in Rodrigues Island in the Indian Ocean.

It’s not a nice story to hear. Don’t worry; the volcano is not dangerous today. The sense of powerful nature, however, is still there. The marine park surrounding this volcanic island offers a great diving experience.


Ubud, the cultural center of Bali, is unlike any other country’s cultural heart. Yes; you’ll see many great restaurants and cafes. You’ll see shopping streets. However, this is also a place that provokes spiritual awakening. The way the architecture blends into the nature makes Ubud really special.

Whenever you visit a foreign country, you’re on a mission to learn as much as possible about its culture. That’s exactly why you should visit Ubud when you go to Indonesia.

Bantimurung – Bulusaraung National Park

Don’t worry; we’ll get to the beaches. But you’re not going to Indonesia solely for the beaches, are you? There are too many other beautiful places to see, and this national park is one of them. Do you love the energy that water gives to nature? You’ll feel it in all its glory in this national park.

The park has two caves (Stone Cave and Dream Cave) that you simply have to see.


Bali is the most famous Indonesian island, but this neighbor is just as beautiful. Lombok is attractive because it’s less “touristic” than Bali. It’s calmer and it still gives you access to untouched nature.

If you dream of isolated beaches, where you can be alone with the person you love or just alone with the ocean, then you’ll definitely love Lombok. Here, you’ll also see the second highest volcano in Indonesia – Mount Rinjani.


Torajaland is often being described as “the land that time forgot.” It’s the home of the Toraja tribe, known for its unique rituals and culture. What rituals, you might wonder? Funerals. The elaborate funeral ceremonies, which last for an entire week, involve music, dance, poetry, and animal sacrifices. The appearance of their “tongkonan” houses is also unique.

Image by Axel Drainville via Flickr

Tangkuban Perahu

Here’s another volcano for you. It’s located in West Java. Volcanoes are not usually described as beautiful, but this one definitely is. The panoramic sight of the mountain and its forests will haunt you for the rest of your life.

Image by Sergi Hill via Flickr

Dieng Plateau

Have you ever seen a caldera? Well you have to see this one! The only way to get to this spot is through trekking. Sure, you’ll be tired, but you’ll forget about all that when you lay eyes on this beautiful scene. Don’t forget to explore the surrounding area! The Arjuna Temple will give you a glimpse into this country’s culture.

Image by Axel Drainville via Flickr

The Market in Ampenan

If you really want to feel a country’s vibe, then visit its market. In Indonesia, in particular, the traditional markets are full of color and flavor. The market in Ampenan is cheap, and it offers more fresh products than you could possibly try during your stay in Indonesia.

Tanjung Kelayang Beach

Let’s be honest: you shouldn’t even think about going to Indonesia without seeing some of its best beaches. Tanjung Kelayang, a beach on Belitung Island, is simply amazing. The clear seawater, with waves that are not too mild and not too strong, makes swimming a wonderful experience.

Image by Rachmad Kurniadi via Flickr

White sand and pristine waters. Do you need anything more for the trip of your dreams?

Make Indonesia a Memorable Experience

Indonesia is the 4th most populous country in the world. It’s one of the biggest countries, so it’s nearly impossible to explore it during a single trip. That’s why you have to plan well.

Don’t allow yourself to stay in the hotel all the time. Plan what islands you’re going to visit and what sites you’re going to see. Yes; there will be some hiking involved, but that’s what makes the experience even better.

You can make this experience even more memorable if you blog about it. Not that good at writing? You can always rely on Rush My Essay for writing and editing help. When you have your adventures in written and you accompany them with great photographs on your blog, the memories will stay with you for a lifetime.

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