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Indulge In The Mouth-Watering Delicacies Offered By The Reputed Resort In St. Lucia

The Caribbean has never failed to satisfy and leaves individuals speechless by its beauty. The island has many unique beaches, landscapes, and a diverse and colorful culture, which is loved and respected by all the visitors. Each year, the Caribbean Islands allow people from all around the world to have a taste of their heritage, and currently St. Lucia is the ultimate holiday destination for all vacationers.

The most important thing, which every visitor looks out for is the food. Without having a taste of its authentic food items at restaurants in Soufriere St Lucia, your vacation will be incomplete. Are you wondering what to try out first? Don’t worry, this document will provide you the information you are looking for.

Types of food items to try in St. Lucia

While planning a visit to St. Lucia, join hands with the reputed and well-known resort, which was constructed during the 19th century. The resort comprises a 250-year-old working plantation, along with its restaurants, outdoor swimming pools, and organic spa.

The resort is on high demand, as it will provides you with both the old and new experience of the Caribbean. With its historical past, there is also a twist in the cuisine and other food items they offer. There are many authentic delicacies, which has both French and West Indian influence. Here are some of the food items, you need to try.

1. Seafood

This is what many of the visitors come to this island for, the bamboo restaurant in Soufriere St. Lucia have never failed to impress the guests. There is a wide range of seafood delicacies, and the oceanic staples like the oysters, lobsters, crabs, grouper, tender white fish and flying fish are very popular. This is your way to the ultimate seafood heaven.

2. Jerk Chicken

This food item is universally popular, and they were invented in the Caribbean Islands itself. The blend of dry or wet rub is applied on the meat, then grilled on an open flame, and Jamaica will be the best place have a taste of this dish. This kind of meal is best served after a good surfing activity.

3. Accra

They are a popular dish that is served during breakfast. These saltfish accras are fried fishcakes, which are made from mixed spices and salted cod. These crispy delights are served along with scotched bonnet pepper. You may be a fan of spicy treats in the morning, but they work as a great wake up call.

4. Breadfruit

This staple cuisine is a popular and famous dish in the St. Lucia restaurant and offers the tropical flavor of the Caribbean. You will definitely love it as they are similar to potatoes and offera starchier and sweeter taste. With a spicy sauce or mayonnaise, these golden-brown delights will be your ultimate favorite.

Have a taste of the Caribbean through the best resort

Food has always been the most important objective for all travelers, and without it, you won’t be able to explore the other parts of St. Lucia. Allow this historic and colonial resort to give you a taste of both traditional and fusion delicacies of the West Indies, so that you get to come back for more. The resort will offer you all types of famous food items of the Caribbean so that you get to fully experience the Caribbean Island.

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