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Inside & Out: The Beautiful Design Ideas To Make Your Home More Valuable

There are plenty of ways in which you can spruce up your home in order to make it more valuable. Whether you are thinking of selling on or are simply looking to add a little comfort and value to your home then we have a few ideas to help you get started and to give your house, flat, apartment or office a much needed facelift.


For those rooms around your home that are beginning to look a little dishevelled and are not exactly well positioned in order to soak up the morning or afternoon rays of sunshine could most likely do with a fresh paint job to help lighten things up. Whilst large windows help bring in the light to a property it’s not always structurally possible to put them in place. For a quick and simple way to brighten up your room is to add a splash of light white paint, not just to the walls but also to furniture in the room. Offset it with other light airy colours and even green indoor plants for the perfect finishing touch. If you are thinking of having a sitting tenant then it’s also ideal as a neutral coloured room that should appeal to everyone.

Image by Holly Marder via Houzz


Another quick fix that you can implement around your home, particularly in your living room, is a little furniture arranging. You don’t have to go all Feng Shui to bring harmony to your living room, however you can try moving your seating into a more intimate position. Commonly when you buy furniture and seating for your home you instinctively place it directly against a wall. Typically, this is to make full use of the space around you and leave a suitable walkway in between items of furniture. However, just edging seats in particular away from the walls and nearer to other areas of seating creates a closer, warmer seating arrangement.

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Adding elements of symmetry in a room can bring some real balance to the layout and is especially useful if your room currently has a problem with asymmetry. Balancing colours as well as lighting, ornaments and furniture can help open a room up and make it look less busy in certain areas; adding large mirrors around the room can also help give the appearance of more space whilst improving its overall sense of balance.

Image Via: Culligan Abraham Architecture


The exterior of your home is often just as important as the interior. If you’re not the green-fingered type you may want to consider installing some areas of garden decking. Decking is a popular choice now for those who enjoy al fresco dining as well as sitting outside on a summery evenings. If done right it can look fantastic and if it’s placed right from your patio doors for you to step on it can quite literally give the impression of more space as well as a sense of quality and style.

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