Inspiring and Budget-Friendly Vintage Bedroom Ideas

At a certain point in trend industry, vintage-style became the ultimate hit and for some reason its popularity never decreased. If you are wondering how come we’ve gone through so many trends, ideas, designs, shapes and colors and never celebrated neither of them with the same zest and intensity like we did vintage-style, the answer is pretty simply – no style has ever expressed warmth, romanticism, beauty and ease like vintage-style did. The lace, the silk, the colors… the shapes whispering tradition in your ear, the lace lulling you into dreams and fantasies of some past times… there’s just something so special about it, a particular feel and vibe vintage oozes that almost nobody can be indifferent to.

If you are looking to decorate your home in a vintage-style and you are struggling with the budget you have, don’t worry. We have some ideas you may find helpful.

Colors, walls, decorations

There’s nothing so simple and cheap like giving your walls a fresh coat of paint. Since walls give structure and set the tone of any room, you should paint them any of the vintage colors – cream, white, subtle shades of blue, pink and green. Choose any of these colors or combine them together.

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If you want to go a step further, and be a little bit edgy with your design, you can opt for wallpapers. Vintage style is known for load patterns, usually those of floral and animal print. When I say “animal print” I don’t mean chita and other – more like soft pictures of peacocks, lambs, fields of wild animals, birds… As for floral, the tinier the flowers, the better. Wallpapers should also be in some of the muted colors.

There is yet another option you can do when it comes to colors and walls. A friend of mine had her bedroom vintage-decorated couple of months ago and what she did blew my mind! She painted her main wall eggshell and decorated it with huge white wall stickers – the entire thing looks so amazing like you wouldn’t believe. Plus, it’s the main wall facing their bedroom door, so it’s the first thing you notice when you enter. You can pick that option up, too!

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Even though vintage style isn’t really a movement to experiment in, there are some things you can do and make it all more fun – have two walls or just one in wallpapers while painting other walls any color of the ones we suggested. That way you can later experiment with furniture and other elements of your interior design.

Worry not – both wallpapers and wall colors are cheap and easy to work with.

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Delicate fabrics

Dress your bedroom in lace, organza, taffeta and the softest cotton you can find.

Place a single lace curtain in front of a window or an organza-covered lampshade. Add wool to the mix to warm up the look and make it even cozier with a down duvet, quilt and crocheted blanket- handmade items are so vintage.

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Materials, ideas, options

With vintage-decorated rooms, it’s all about soft materials and lines so that combined together they bring that ease and comfort and bring you that romantic feel with an air of nostalgia.

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To recreate this whimsical style in your bedroom opt for natural finishes, lace and elegant silhouettes.

Start from the floor up, by painting your wooden floor a natural or distressed light color. When choosing a carpet or a rug, make sure it’s white or cream, and as big as you can get.

Image by Denise Stringer Interior Design

As for the bed, it can also be wooden. Still, vintage-decorators will advise you go with a gold or bronze wrought iron bed frame as it complements vintage-style rooms beautifully.  Since budget is an issue, you can give that vintage vibe to the room by putting up bed covers or cushions in floral patterns and elegant silhouettes such as peacock shapes or other animal-related ideas. It’s preferable for covers and cushions to be in white, eggshell and pinkish tones.

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Top it up with details

Details are just as important as bigger elements, maybe even more. Details make or break the look.

Image by apartment28 via Flickr

Make use of glass perfume bottles, mirrors, antique jewelry boxes and beads. A trick most use when they do a vintage-styled room is to wall-hang necklaces that go with the theme.

A great thing about vintage style isn’t that it only looks amazing but it’s rather easy to get and it’s not terribly expensive. Flea markets deliver wonderful finds from time to time, so make sure you do your browsing well!

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