Inspiring Places That Remind You Of Eternity And Serenity

Focusing on the nature again, there are places worldwide that somehow remind you of eternity, peace and serenity only by the view they offer. If you are looking for a trip far away and a joy for your senses you better visit some of the following places we found out are the most famous among the world travelers. Whoever has been there wants to repeat the experience, most of all because it inspires and brings calmness into your soul. Below you can see five places that reming you of eternity and serenity.

The Twelve Apostles, Australia

The Australian Victoria has something that should be proud of. There is no other such a collection of limestone stacks in the world but this one. The apostles were formed by erosion under extreme weather conditions. Nowadays there are eight Apostles left as the ninth collapsed in June 2005. It is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Australia.

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Benagil, Portugal

Benagil is a small village located in the southern part of Portugal. The Atlantic Ocean in Lagoa Municipality faces this small and less known beauty that possesses one of the most beautiful hidden beaches in the world. Back in the 20th century the main economy of the village was based on fishing.

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Preikestolen, Norway

Preikestolen is a cliff and a popular tourist destination in Norway in the municipality of Forsand. Some cliffs are as high as 604 meters. The main attraction is the flat top of the cliff. Not only do the tourists visit this place but BASE jumpers as well, leaping from the cliff. The number of the visitors increases each year making this place one of the most famous ones in Norway.

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Horseshoe Bend, United States

Arizona has one of the most spectacular views and unique places in the world. Horseshoe Bend is one of them on the Colorado River close to the town of Page. It is a highly recommendable place for the hiking lovers. The rock walls contain a lot of minerals like platinum, garnet and hematite.

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Ceara, Brazil

The Atlantic coast in the northern part of Brazil is a must-visit place as possesses one of the most peaceful yet spectacular beaches in the world. The water has a specific turquoise-green color. The nearby valleys are famous for the production of tropical fruits. It covers a total area of about 146,350 square kilometers, out of which 600 kilometers of sand coastline and beaches like no others.

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