Interesting And Unknown Facts About Disneyland

Top cheerful place on earth is also the most interesting and colorful place that exists. Disneyland exists almost half a century and during that time has made many people happy. However, as any desired destination, this also has its facts that you probably do not know.

1. Every day on average, there are lost 210 pairs of glasses and from the first Disney Park to this day that number is 1.65 million. Besides glasses, there are lost more than 6,000 mobile phones, 3,500 digital cameras, 18,000 hats and 7,500 books for autographs.
2. Although Disneyland does not confirm, it is loudly speculated that for removal of unwanted guests from the wildlife park are used gentle cats who act as wild. The day they spend in special cages, but at night they are everywhere around the park looking for intruders.

3. Disneyland employs about 62,000 people. In Disneyland every worker has acting chores. Each one must follow a precise code of behavior that will not interfere with the magic of the park. All must act as the character they represented in order not to distort the image of visitors. Wearing a beard, long fingernails or dyed hair is out of question.
4. In Disneyland nothing is quite as it seems thanks to designers who very skillfully create optical illusions. For example, Mount Matterhorn is actually not a very big hill, although it seems huge.
5. Nowhere in Disneyland does not sell alcohol, except in well-hidden Club 33. It was built in the time when Walt Disney was alive as a place where were supposed to entertain potential investors. Today there can enter only 487 guests who are at registration list. You can wait on row 14 years. Sooner than that can enter only people from politics and famous stars.

6. In Disneyland entry of balloons or drinks is strictly forbidden.
7. The character of Mickey Mouse can be seen everywhere in Disney theme parks, but it is present even in places where no one can see at first glance. There work specially trained engineers-designers who skillfully managed to conceal the famous character of the places where it is not observed.
8. Mickey Mouse has 135 different suits, while Minnie has about 100.

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