Interesting Facts About Scotland

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It is a sovereign state in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Although it is part of the constitutional monarchy of Great Britain, Scotland has its independence. Scotland is a fascinating country known for its national and cultural traditions, beautiful music and dancing, kilt and of course great whiskey. The official animal of Scotland is the Unicorn. This is no surprise considering how much Scots love to have legends. Unicorns were respected by the Celts and the symbolism is the same as today: grace, purity, healing and happiness. Scottish royal coat of arms had two unicorns on it. The unicorn is still part of the Royal Arms of the United Kingdom, along with the lion. Scotland has many mythological creatures, whether they are modern or antique. It also is home to the most famous monster Nessie living in Loch Ness. But, Scotland is much more than these stereotypes.

High mountains, steep edges, green areas and the endless blue sea, make this country an ideal destination for lovers of photography, but also for those who enjoy untouched nature and epic setting. The rich tradition and beautiful old palaces of this beautiful country daily attracts thousands of tourists and visitors worldwide.

At the heart of Scotland also standing one of the oldest trees in Europe, known as Fortingall Yew. Experts said that the tree is old about 5,000 years. It is named after a small village located nearby. The land around the tree contains some of the most famous archaeological sites in Scotland.

It has the highest number UFO sightings per square kilometer of the planet. Every year in Scotland recorded 300 UFO, the highest number of reported cases per square kilometer and per inhabitant than any other country.

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