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Interesting Spots to Visit in Ukraine

First photo from my backpack trip to Carpathian mountains. There was really great, but rather hard here. This is a morning view from the mountain valley Plystse near Gorgofa mountain. Info: Canon 5D mark 2, Canon 24-105 f4, Cokin Tobacco Gradient filter.

Ukraine is a beautiful country that boasts a supreme geographical position, rich culture and authentic interesting traditions. The country can offer numerous places to visit for the most experienced travelers. There are ski resorts in the West and sandy beaches in the South, modern cities and traditional villages, well preserved historical relics and nature landmarks all over this vast country.

All these interesting spots to visit in Ukraine guarantee unforgettable travel experience. brings you top places to visit in Ukraine.

Carpathian Mountains

Located on the country’s south west corner, Carpathian Mountains are truly one of the most spectacular places to visit in Ukraine. This is a land of authentic Ukrainian villages, crystal-clear rivers, waterfalls and lakes, wooden authentic churches and breathtaking mountain vistas. Carpathians  are considered to be the prime hiking, biking and skiing territory. Visiting this place either in winter or in summer will guarantee unforgettable moments and most fascinating travel experience.

Kamyanets – Podilskyi Fortress

Kamyanets-Podilskyi is a historic town located in Podillya region of Ukraine. The famous  Kamyanets – Podilskyi fortress is located on the natural moat, created by a sharp loop of Dnister River. This monument of fortification architecture is considered to be one of the most popular places to see in Ukraine. Kamyanets – Podilskyi annually attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. The medieval fortress of the city is perfectly preserved and wows numerous visitors with its dramatic and scenic views.

Askaniya Nova Wildlife Reserve

This vast national reserve is home to an impressive number of animals and birds. Beyond the population of buffalo, deer, antelope, and horses, there are also less common for Ukraine zebras, camels, gnus, rare Central Asian Saiga antelopes, and a huge array of rare birds’ species. This is a must visit spot for all the wildlife nature fans.

University Building in Chernivtsi

The city of Chernivtsi houses one of the most popular places to visit in Ukraine, a phantasmagorical university building. This spectacular UNESCO-listed red-brick ensemble fascinates all the visitors of Chernivtsi. The building was created by Czech architect Josef Hlavka, who was also behind some major architectural constructions in Vienna. He completed the university in 1882 for the Orthodox Church leaders of Bukovyna (the name of the region of Ukraine where Chernivtsi city is located) as their official residence. During the Soviet period, the building housed the city university, which remains on the premises until today.

Vilkovo: Ukrainian Venice

Vilkovo is often referred to as ‘Ukrainian Venice’. This unique town is the gem of the lower Danube River. It is located on the border of Ukraine and Romania. Vilkovo earned its nickname due to many waterways that take up almost half of the town. Unique boats, Ukrainian versions of gondolas, can be seen here much more often than cars. Vilkovo is a quiet, cozy town, hiding on the banks of the Danube. It is made up of dozens of picturesque man-made islands, formed out of silt and clay, which are surrounded by fabulously beautiful gulfs and backwaters.

Ukraine is the largest country in Europe. It boasts thousands years of history and traditions that originate in antiquity. Due to its unique geographical position and rich culture Ukraine offers numerous interesting spots to visit for ultimate travel experience.

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