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International Drivers License – What You Need to Know

Having an IDP is an important document needing if you plan on driving when in another country. Learn the basics of how they work and what things to look out for in this quick guide.

What is An International Driver’s License Used For?

Some countries say that the international driver’s license must be present on any driver that’s non-native. This helps reduce communication barriers and protect you from international legal issues.

If something was to happen (accident, driving infraction) and you don’t have your international drivers license, the police won’t be able to communicate with you. Getting an international drivers license online gives you a global permit that’s translated into 10 languages. The best way to solve this issue is by presenting your international driving ID and your American license.

Remember, your international driving permit should be a replacement for your US ID. Rather, it acts as a form of language translator and displays your:

Here are some of the legal restrictions that apply:

Things to Remember

Here are some additional things you must consider when applying for your international drivers license online:

Legal Complications

If you’ve been pulled over in a different country, the legal consequences may vary. If you’re in the Czech Republic, you’ll be fined, but your rental insurance company won’t be able to cover your damages.

In Japan, the legal complications are more severe. You can get deported or arrest if you don’t have the necessary paperwork. So, you need to make sure that have your driver’s license to protect yourself from any travel issues towards your destination.

What do Most Car Companies Use?

Generally, if the country you’re traveling to needs an IDP, the rental agent will ask for one before allowing to give you the keys. For example, if you’re going to Europe, where the majority of countries don’t need one, you can show them your U.S. passport and driver’s license and travel freely.

Before you plan on traveling to another country, make sure that you check the requirements. This helps you have all of the required documents, so there are no complications when traveling overseas. Also be sure to learn the US driving rules in depths, because driving rules all over the world are similar with some small differences.

Preventing IDP Fraud

Sadly, there is a multitude of organizations that attempt to sell illegal International Driving Permits, and they tend to charge a lot more than the average fee. So when you fall victim to these fake companies, you’ll not only lose money, but you’ll also have a fake document – And it’s unacceptable to present to when traveling to another country.

Fortunately, the American Automobile Touring Alliance and the American Automobile Association (AAA) are the organizations that are legally approved to issue IDPs. If you have been sold or fake IDP, please report the issue with the FTC Complaint Assistant. Call a representative if you can if this issue persists and you’ll be able to get a replacement IDP immediately.

NOTE: Most international couriers have delivery services to help authorized IDP issuers. If you plan on using this service, check to see if the courier runs the application through AATA or AAA.


When getting an international drivers license online, you have to make sure that you’re getting one from a reputable company. If they don’t have the AAA or AATA signature beside it, chances are it’s a scam. Thus, in order to successfully obtain your license online, take the time in viewing them and calling them to ensure that they are a legitimate option.

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