Five Reasons to Invest in a Southern California Housing Market

The words, “Southern California” probably conjure up images of rollerblading in eternal sunshine, waiting for swells in Malibu, and people watching to beach-side cocktails. For locals, summer vacation lasts all year. The festive ambiance will leak into your soul even when you’re office-bound. The ocean has a way of soothing even the most frazzled nerves, but the Southern Californian lifestyle isn’t limited to the whimsical.

1) California Property is a Valuable Investment

There isn’t a better time to invest in that enchanted house with the white picket fence. At an average of 4.32%, mortgage rates are low enough to stir up the industry, and Southern California’s housing market is booming. You have plenty of options too. Los Angeles, San Diego, Bakersfield, and Glendale real estate are all very lucrative and in-demand. Your property investment will bring as much magic to your bank account as it will to your lifestyle. Your mortgage has a direct effect on the profitability of your real estate transaction. Like any investment, it should be sculpted to provide the highest returns.

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Solvang Real Estate, for example, is a beautiful place to live and there are several buyers interested in purchasing property there. With the help of the knowledgable real estate agents at Berkshire Hathaway, you’ll find the piece of property that is most suitable for you and one that can grow into a valuable investment in the future.

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2) Enjoy Outdoor Activities

Southern Californians don’t do a thing indoors that can be done in the open air, and all that coastline will improve your overall wellbeing. Studies show that people who live near the ocean or in sunnier states are happier and healthier. They also suffer lower rates of depression. Nature is the most effective natural stress reliever, after all. The local farmer’s market and all the omega 3-rich fish will only add to the ocean’s positive influence.

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3) Let Your Artistic Juices Flow

Even left brain thinkers need an expressive outlet, and Southern California’s artistic side is as vibrant as it is inclusive. You will participate in street painting carnivals, learn from the masters at The Festival of Arts Fine Art Show, and turn fruit into a masterpiece at the Watermelon Festival. If your creative side leans towards the dramatic, there is no better place for acting classes and auditions. Your star is waiting to rise.

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4) It’s a Culture Fan’s Wonderland

There is no city in America with more museums and galleries, so if your impression of Southern California doesn’t include a generous dose of culture, you’re missing out. The Annual Starlight Food and Wine Festival will offer foodies plenty to taste and test, and the Salsa Festival will introduce you to an entirely new hobby that will prepare your abs for that shocking bikini you’re planning to spend the summer in. Your weekends will be spent at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the outdoor Hollywood Bowl, and the monthly art walks. Small clubs like Conga Room and House of Blues will calm your nerves with live music after work.

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5) You’ll Learn to Take Risks

The New York lifestyle, with all its hand wringing and fear of failure, won’t encourage you to make the mistakes that are a necessary part of success, but the Southern California lifestyle is one of experimentation. Locals like musician, Moby, say the area has helped them to become comfortable with their mistakes and failures. Risk aversion won’t help you to take on that new, ambitious project that leads to your grandest success, but the local ethos certainly will. Your neighbors have more life lessons to teach than your old career coach.

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