Is It Any Different From Visiting Disney World During This Pandemic?

If you ask if it is any different from visiting the Disney world during this pandemic, the answer would be yes. And if you ask me if it is still worth it to see the destination in this situation, the answer is always yes. All these years, nothing could bring down the charm of a Disney vacation. This is an awaited vacation for many families. After years of postponing and months of planning, they get to visit Disney World. But the place was closed since mid-march this year due to COVID-19 for all the right reasons. But after a long time, it has reopened for its fans. Amid this entire crisis, the Disney world has started its functioning and is trying to keep every measure for people’s safety. The view to the Disney world has, of course, changed. Due to all the precautions and conditions, the running of the place has become different. The below points will explain to you all the changes experienced by the visitors to Disney land.

1. Masks and Sanitizers:

With all the health authorities’ guidance, the Disney land keeps a check on its visitors. They are not allowing anyone to break the rule of wearing a mask and using sanitizer from time to time. According to the guidelines stated by Disney land Vacation, every above the age of 2 years has to wear a mask. It is mandatory to enter the place wearing a mask. They are even capturing the faces of the people who are not following the rules.

2. Social Distancing:

The disease spreads around very quickly. So to stop this contagious disease from spreading, the park is making their visitors keep social distancing. There are markings everywhere in the park. This guides the visitors to the distance that has to be maintained during their visit to the park. The place executives are making sure that no one gets close to anyone and keeps the required distance in between.

3. Limited Entry:

We all have seen Disney land as one of the most crowded parks in the world. But now the scenario is very different. The place which used to be filled with thousands of people has now been restricted to limited people. The park is not giving entry to many people for keeping the safety of people. This scenario has changed the view, but it is still great.

4. Pre Reservations:

The Disney land has strictly closed, making a reservation on the spot. They have announced that the reservations have to be made previously. Disney land will not provide the ticket at the venue. This change is proved to be beneficial in this crisis. They are not even allowing the ones who have the park passes.

5. No Queues:

The reservations are being made previously, so there is not much need for a Disney world line. People are anyway avoiding any contact with other people for safety reasons. This rule of no queues is making people feel safer inside the park. The practice has made it easier to maintain social distancing inside Disney land. If forming lines were allowed, it would have attracted a big crowd toward the area. The risk of the disease spreading would have increased.

6. Transportation:

You might know that Disney land is vast. They are traveling from one side to the other needed transportation. But now it is changed a little. Many people have started parking their vehicles near the theme zone they are going to. This step reduces the distance between Disney land and parking.

As a result, the visitor has to walk less. The transportation means are disinfected every 2 hours to avoid any infection among the visitors. Due to this step, the availability of transportation means inside the park has reduced.

7. Timely Disinfectants:

As mentioned earlier that the transportation means are disinfected every 2 hours. It is done with other available things as well. This step is very beneficial and considered useful for the safety of the visitors. Along with this, the executives ask visitors to use sanitizers to increase their safety from the virus. During the traveling in the park, their employers are spreading awareness around wearing masks and using sanitizers.

8. Empty Parks:

The destination which used to be always crowded is now almost empty. Some people do not think that it is not safe to visit the park amid this crisis. The Disney land itself has limited its capacity for visitors. This step is to prevent their visitors from the spread of the virus. The view is different but beautiful. Many beautiful parks are now experienced very calmly. It is said that Disney land is not going to increases the capacity of its visitors anytime soon.

Here was the scenario of the world’s most famous park. It shows how the pandemic has changed everything and every system. The travel authority is trying to keep everyone safe while you enjoy their favorite ride in the Disney land.

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