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Island Es Vedrà – The Pearl Of Ibiza

There are many interesting places on the planet Earth, which, unfortunately, most of us will never be able to visit. But there are good reasons why these locations are so inaccessible. Such places always attract great interest among tourists and adventurers, although it is impossible to reach. We will discover the secrets of Es Vedrà, the island of Spain and allow you to find what that place hide.

The island belongs to the Balearic Islands in Spain. It is 413 metres tall and it is uninhabited. Island Es Vedrà is considered as one of the most powerful geo magnetic forces of the Earth. Such places are also the Bermuda Triangle and the North Pole. The island does not have any metal debris, because it is fully formed from volcanic stones. There all technological devices stop with working. If you want to try to use a compass, it shall not be useful, because the arrow will fluctuate chaotically in different directions.

There are many legends and stories about the mysterious Es Vedrà. Some travelers have heard the stories about UFO hovering over the island and wondering what happened to the hippie group that tried to inhabit the island a few decades ago. The Spanish government banned visits to the island and declared as a nature reserve. It is said that the Spaniards sometimes organize illegal trips to the island. It is legally to observe the coast of the Es Vedrà only from afar.

Those who visited Es Vedrà, back with unforgettable impressions. It is one of the most beautiful places that you will ever meet. Stunning views and incredibly romantic sunset are the best parts of the Es Vedrà. On that island you will find beauty that is unexplainable and you must see with your eyes. Charm the possessed Es Vedrà is something that worth to be seen even if from afar.

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