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Island Of Mallorca – Spanish Character And Charm

Balearic Islands are autonomous archipelago of Spain located in the western Mediterranean Sea. The largest of the islands of the archipelago is beautiful Mallorca, which is especially popular with European tourists. It is a perfect summer destination with hot sunny days, warm nights and little rain.

There is an old recording that says “If there is paradise in the Mediterranean, then it is the island of Mallorca, at any time of year, is the same as to go through a history as in some historical spectacle.”

The length of the island of Mallorca is 97 km. With its character and charm each year attracts millions of tourists. Back in 1960, It is attended by half a million tourists and now nearly 20 million, which puts it in the top of the world capitals of tourism.

But, Mallorca is much more than that. This enchanting paradise island offers three hundred sunny days a year, fascinating scenery, towns, places which are like painted on canvas. It also have idyllic village, the most fashionable clubs and cafes, kindly people, rhythms of summer and music, seductive flavors of food, gorgeous white sand beaches and cheerful nightlife.

The island of Mallorca also has its mountainous areas that offer adventurers a chance to engage in exciting sports such as mountain climbing, horse riding and mountain biking. For fans of golf here is world famous playground Alcúdia. It is home to many beautiful cathedrals with rich history, fantastic architecture, museums, parks and botanical gardens.

If you decide to visit Mallorca at your reminder add the following words: flamenco, sangria, tapas cookies, beautiful palaces, impressive mountain scenery, luxury shops, yachts, restaurants and beaches.
Mallorca really offers everything for all ages and tastes, which is surprising in terms of its small size. But, with its character and charm is considered as one of the most attractive destinations in the world. Mallorca nobody will leave indifferent, because it is worth to see and experience.

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