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How Jerusalem in Christmas and New Year Looks Like

One of the best ways to celebrate Christmas is visiting Jerusalem. It is a very special time in this Israel city, considering pilgrims in their thousands flock it; this is one of the places Christmas and all its features was born and even Bethlehem, where Jesus was born, is not far away. Most of the city, especially Armenian quarters and Old City’s Christian are usually transformed using the most significant decorations with other landmarks in Jerusalem, especially YMCA together with other churches in the city providing carol concerts and great church services.

Christmas events in Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Christmas tree is a major even in the Israel capital where the lighting is done close to the Old City’s New Gate at around five in the evening around 19-20th December. For real Christmas concerts, you can check out the Redeemer Church including other services in various churches such as the Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Notre Dam Centre’s Pontifical Institute where Christmas Carols and Midnight Mass takes place.

New Gate

Image by Miriam Mezzera via Flickr

Redeemer Church

Image by Photo Gallery Israeli Ministry of Tourism via Flickr

It is also worth noting Bethlehem’s midnight mass is one of the most unique experiences anywhere. You can travel alone towards the middle square where the giant screen can be viewed or be a part of an organized tour. It is hard to enter this church and entry is pre-arranged in most cases via a ballot.

Santa Claus and the Christmas tree at the Jerusalem Old City Walls

Image by Photo Gallery Israeli Ministry of Tourism via Flickr

You can begin your December 24th vigil with breakfast in the city of Jerusalem before proceeding towards Bethlehem to engage in some of the best Christmas Celebrations you have ever seen. There is something special about Bethlehem and it is not just because Jesus Christ was born there. While there, the Shepherds Fields is a place worth visiting as you enjoy sumptuous dinner in the famous city before proceeding to Manger Square for the Midnight Christmas Mass. You can then return to Jerusalem to wait for the big day to break.

Christmas in Jerusalem

Image by annaspies via Flickr

Old City’s Christmas

The Old City and specifically the Via Dolorosa is another place you might want to be during Christmas right in the heart of Jerusalem even if you have taken flights in Jerusalem before. This is the place where you can see pilgrims from all part of the world as they walk through one of the most famous Jerusalem routes carrying Christ’s cross atop their shoulders. The beautiful and magnificence Christmas air always makes the experience one of the best things you have ever gone through.

Al-Lahhamin Street

Image by Neil Howard via Flickr

Church of the Nativity

Image by Francisco Martins via Flickr

Parties worth attending in Jerusalem

It is not everyone who celebrates Christmas in the same religious manner showcasing real spiritual fervour. Most of the young yet secular population in the city of Jerusalem enjoy celebrating Christmas as well, although in their own unique way. At this time of the year, you will find so many bars in the city with all kinds of parties in place, with most free to enter, such as the party at the Abraham Hostel on December 25th.

Abraham Hostel

Image by wildbindi via Flickr

Once you are through with Jerusalem on the 25th of December and enjoyed your Christmas day, you can try other trips to significant Christian areas in Israel for the New Year such as Nazareth where Jesus Christ grew up and the region in Israel with the largest population of Christians or take a trip to the famous Tel Aviv hotels.

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