Journey to Eilean Donan,the Most Spectacular Castle in Scotland

Eilean Donan castle is one of the most visited and most beautiful castles in Scotland. It is situated in the eponymous island. Scotland is country in Europe and is a part of the  United Kingdom. Also is one of the most beautiful country in Europe. The biggest economy, industrial and capital city is Edinburgh, which is also the most beautiful city in Scotland. Total population of Scotland is about 5.295 million with total area of 30,265 sq miles (78,387 km²). Most photographed place in Scotland is Eliean Donan castle.

Eilean Donan castle is perfect destination for lovers of history and old architecture. Also visitors there can enjoy in the awesome landscapes, clear water, fresh air, beautiful mountain… Тhis castle is evidence that ancient people built wonderful buildings. At the same time Eilean Donan castle is a prove that  the buildings that were built in ancient times are very strong and durable. If you want to relax and leave the big city noise and enjoy in the beautiful landscapes and unique historical building, then you should visit Eilean Donan castle.

In the gallery below you can see some magnificent pictures that will gonna take your breath away. These brilliant photos will gonna make you feel like you are right there and enjoy in the beauty. These pics are prove that Eilean Donan castle is a perfect destination for a family weekend getaway. Also these photos will gonna make you to visit one day Eilean Donan castle and enjoy at the same time in the fairy tale landscapes and amazing nature.

Image by Steve Schnabel via Flickr

Image by Martyn Jenkins via Flickr

Image by Andy Smith via Flickr

Image by Jesús Belzunce Gómez via Flickr

Image by Colin Campbell via Flickr

Image by Angelo Antonelli via Flickr

Image by Shemsu.Hor via Flickr

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