Jubilant Gelato: Where to head for Ice-Cream in and around Chelsea

No question, Chelsea and South Kensington are, for visitors, areas of the capital that are all about indulging oneself; spoiling yourself rotten for a few days as you enjoy a short-break in this part of town. In which case, there’s no better way to set this tone than to visit one of the area’s many marvellous ice-cream-specialising outlets…


(67a King’s Road SW3 4NT)

Visitors enthuse about this ice-cream parlour until the cows come home, claiming it to be the best in the whole of London. And of particular popularity with the punters are its mango and pistachio flavours, while you’d be a fool not to load up a cone with scoops of as many different flavours as possible – because, here, you pay by the cone only! Renowned too for its macaroons, waffles (both with ice-cream, of course) and espresso, this is a superior chilled-snack joint that’s a perfect pit-stop during a shopping jaunt down the King’s Road.


(14 Bute Street, Queen’s Gate SW7 3EX)

Small but perfectly formed, this establishment serves Italian-style gelato and sorbet that’s made daily in more than 130 separate flavours. Of special recommendation are its various tasty-sounding gelato combinations, like cookies and cream and cinnamon, as well as pistachio and chocolate hazelnut, in addition to salted caramel and Madagascar vanilla. Yes, this place certainly has a place in the hearts of many visitors, all right.


(71 King’s Rd SW3 4NX)

Another King’s Road destination (so ideal for refuelling should you be staying at accommodation nearby like the San Domenico House hotel), this place is revered for its delicious gelato and chocolates; highlights being its perfect vanilla and giandujotto (nutty and creamily rich dark chocolate) flavours.


(17 Old Brompton Road SW7 3DL)

The suitably named Scoop is one Chelsea ice-cream parlour that really runs the gamut. For here you can try the likes of cookies and cream, cherry, lemon and dark chocolate flavours of the very finest Italian gelato. All that and gluten-free ice-cream’s very much on the menu as well. No wonder it comes so highly recommended by its avid regulars.

Dri Dri

(125 Sydney Street SW3 6NR)

Located in Chelsea Farmers Market, just off the main King’s Road drag (and so merely down the road from many luxury suites London), this is a simple but diminutively cute gelateria that sells around 20 different ice-cream flavours, among them a fine array of ice-cream desserts, including in a highly regarded cookies and cream flavour.

Snog Pure Frozen Yogurt

(32 Thurloe Place SW7 2HQ)

Strictly speaking, neither an ice-cream shop nor a gelateria, this place is where to head should you have a hankering for frozen yoghurt. Recently a big hit throughout the UK and especially the capital, this dessert-like delicacy is certainly similar to ice-cream – and comes in a plethora of different flavours – but generally possesses a lighter and even fresher texture. For some then, the treats you can pick up from this place resemble an ice-cream sundae in some ways – and are blessed by containing far fewer calories and being more beneficial in the nutrient department!


(29 Thurloe Place SW7 2HQ)

Finally, although actually a Japanese restaurant and café, Tombo’s a terrific place for discovering some exotic, South East Asian-style ice-cream efforts. You know, just to mix up your gelato experience in the UK capital. Here then the emphasis is on macha, Mochi and dorayaki, while the rest of what’s on the menu’s far from bad either. Turning Japanese? You will be, I really think so!

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