Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort – Winter Idyll In Touch With Nature

When all your friends are constantly choose same places to travel, be different and choose a few different places that you can use to plan your next trip. In fact, it is an opportunity to explore the world, now when you have enough time and energy, because many years later you can be too busy to do that.

Have you ever wanted to spend one night in the igloo? If you have desire to do that and opportunity as well, visit the village Kakslautanen in Finland. Kakslauttanen is a family resort in the Finnish province of Lapland and from the Arctic Circle is 250 kilometers away. The entire resort is situated on the edge of the wild, the road leading to the North Polar Sea and near the national park Urho Kekkonen. Surrounding in this area is one of the cleanest in the world and staying in Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort seems like a real connection with nature.

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is the only place in Finland, which offers accommodation in glass igloo or cottages with views of the magical polar light. The hotel is one of the craziest places for a romantic break. Guests have the opportunity to be placed in wooden houses, igloo from snow and glass igloo. The best choice is certainly the igloo of glass, where you can enjoy the beautiful landscape and the sky full of stars. Needle themselves are luxuriously decorated and are designed for couples.

Igloo Village Kakslauttanen starts its season between December and January, depending on weather conditions and remains open until the end of April. So, we give you a suggestion, because the hotels are too common, do your honeymoon worth remembering and travel to this place where you can watch the Northern Lights while you are comfortably settled in fur blankets.

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